The Models

4 pretty girls. 4 pretty boys. 1 big event brings them together.


2. Ginnifer- April Fools

I crept out of my apartment with a full bag of prank supplies. Inder would have a lot of fun the next morning. I walked across the hall to the door of Inder's apartment. I twisted the doorknob. @#*!! It's locked! Good thing I came prepared... I grabbed my bobby pin from my bag and twisted it so that it was straight. I moved the pin around in the hole until I felt it click, and then pushed the door open carefully and quietly.

I grabbed the bowl of fake puke and poured it on the ground beside Inder's bed. I then grabbed her lipstick that lay beside her bed and put it in my bag, then pulled my super glue that was covered to look like lipstick in it's place. Then I grabbed my gallon of lemonade and gently peeled back Inder's covers and poured a small amount of it in the bed. I spread plastic wrap across the door to the bathroom, and taped a length of string to the bottom of her door. I saw that her hand was hanging off the side of her bed, so I put whipped cream in it. I then taped a note to her door:



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