The Models

4 pretty girls. 4 pretty boys. 1 big event brings them together.


1. Character Bios


Aberly Mali is a modern girl. Her obsessions include Twitter, Facebook, fashion, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, and texting on her phone. Her hair is always fashioned by using the hair DIYs all over Pinterest, her fingernail polish is always just a little bit chipped from her texting all the time, and her green eyes are always full of laughter. She is an optimist, and she always is the person to go to for advice on anything. But when something happens, it all falls apart for Aberly. Can someone save her?




She's back. She's bad. And she's... baking? Yep, Ginnifer Kole is obsessed with baking- cupcakes, chicken, pie, whatever. Ginnifer grew up around the world with her little sister. Her parents were wildlife photographers. After their tragic death, Ginnifer decided to move to New Zealand with her sister. When her sister reached the age of 14 two months later (the sister was two years younger than her), they moved to Minnesota, where Ginnifer got the chance of the lifetime- the chance to become a model. She grabbed it, and she succeeded. She is a fake, though. Sure, she loves the dresses, the makeup, and luxury, but she hates the type of attention she gets, so she just fakes her way through it. She also is antisocial and rude and can be snobby, but she really is lovable, and her friends know that. But when she it happens, and her life changes, she toughens up and shuts everyone out, even her closest friends. Can someone penetrate through the walls she put up, or will she stay that way forever?

(Written by The Yeti)



That was Tracy Allister. The girl that no one could talk to because she was all to.... nerdy? Yeah, that was Tracie Allister then. It still is. Tracie grew up in West Virginia, knowing her home state song by heart. She is always listening and doing the best. Never has she ever broken a rule, and never has a foul word come out of her mouth. Working all over town, she is a busy bee. She can't stand to not be working, and sometimes it gets in the way of other things. Who in the world could dig her out of the dirt, even if she wanted to burrow back in?

(Written by Moronica)


Inder grew up in a house with a single dad and four brothers in a small town in South Dakota. When she got the chance to leave, she didn't think twice or look back. Inder is a simple girl, and she likes coffee house music and says what's on her mind. That's what makes her the perfect model, the fact that she is a natural and not a fake. Inder doesn't play games. After they meet, Michael knows that, but doesn't like it. Will he change her ways or will he keep playing with fire?

(Written By KayCee K.)



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