The Models

4 pretty girls. 4 pretty boys. 1 big event brings them together.


9. Aberly- Umm, No

"Aberly, Luke, you're up!" said Nell.

Luke and I smiled at each other and walked up. He and I had really hit off. We both seemed to be fun-loving people.

"Okay, let's pose you in the swing," Nell said. "The lighting would be great!" He led us across the park to the swing that sat two people. 

"First pose: Luke, rest one leg on the armrest and hold onto the chain that holds the swing up. Aberly, sit on the other armrest gently. Look at me."

The camera snapped.

"Now, sit beside each other on the seat and make funny faces!"

I moved to sit on the seat and Luke sat beside me. He crossed his eyes. I stuck my tongue out and pulled my ears outwards.


"Rest your hand on her shoulder and smile."


"Now then, hold hands and laugh at each other."
"Okay, now, Aberly, look shocked, and Luke, kiss her on the cheek."

Oh, God, no. No. NO!

He leaned in and I opened my mouth. I looked up. I was really shocked. He planted a kiss on my cheek, and snap!.

"Perfect! Now let's move to the next set. Let's do the garden!"

Luke and I had finished our part and sat back down. We laughed and talked about the shoot, life, and just random things.

"Calum and Ginnifer, you are now!" said Nell. 

I laughed. "Hah, perfect match!"

Luke smiled. "Grab the popcorn, this should be hilarious!"

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