Chyropractic Comedy

I wrote this story in 6th grade. It won first place in a poetry contest (10/10!), although it's not really poetry. It's a comedy routine. Have fun reading it!


1. My Crazy Little Writing Piece. Enjoy!

The best thing about cyropractors is that they've always got your back. I go to an all corn cyropractic place. They're all ears. I have a friend that goes there, too. Actually, two people. Their names are Potat and Potat. They are twins and they are both missing their toes. They were the inventors of the sate (pronounced sat-uh). They gave up after making only three because they were to hard to make. They sent them to a company, who revised it and called it the satellite (pronounced sat-uh-light). Last month, I went in and saw a pile of hay on the floor that was spat out. When I asked Corny Jr. why it was there, he said that it was straight from the horses mouth.

I remember one time, they actually tried to shave a gorilla in the shop- and let me tell you, that was a hairy situation! They used to work in a cucumber office, but that got old, and they were in a pickle. Last summer, they took us to see a stitching drama. It was sew interesting. They also too us to see a movie about sleeping, but I didn't see the rest. The last movie that we saw was a movie about amnesia, but I can't seem to remember a thing about it.

The last time I went in there, Corny Jr. came up to me and thumped me on the head. When I asked him what he did, he said he hit the nail on the head.

Sadly, the Corny Cyropractic Clinic was closed down, so I had to go to the Blockhead and Co. Cyropractic Clinic.

The Blockheads have a four-year-old son. One morning, he was staring blankly at the ceiling. When I asked him why he was, he said," Oh, I'm just a little board."

When I asked him if he wanted to play Simon Says, he said,"Well, let me plank about it...well, termite be a problem with that."

I gave up after that and decided to meet new people. I met Blly Smth. He was missing his i's and didn't know where to find them. I told him to leave them alone and they'd come home, wagging their tails behind them.

I also met a mean Miss Cat. She kept teasing me, then saying," I'm just kitten!"

I met General Mills. When I tried to tell him some jokes, he said, "I don't have time for your Trix! Cheerios!"

I also met Hem. She soon skirted off.

Last Friday on a walk, I noticed a sign on the door of the cyropractic office. "We have the peanut butter-jelly disease, and we don't want it to spread."

Well, I thought, they'll at least be back.

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