are we the lucky ones ?

kate dallas is Cameron dallas little sister and bye little I mean 1 year Cameron is 21 and kate is 20 but Cameron still wants to think she a little girl that's still afraid of boy germs . but he knows he wrong as he best friend matthew is kate boyfriend for 5 years now will he ask her to marry him or will he still be dating her ?


1. another day in the life with the boys

wakey wakey lazy buts . my best friends and my brother loves to walk in my room with a warning   one of these times where going to get a surprise  just like today . when me and matthew are making out  may I say half naked .  omg  sis put some clothes on  and matthew get off my sister  umm how about no  my room  and 20 years old   now leave before we do it in front of you .   we are out meet in kitchen   in 45 min  . love you sis .   babe come back to bed my boyfriend says  no because   we both know it will take longer then 45 min  they can wait . he says .matthew  Espinosa   not right now lol   . ooo  I like it when you call me bye my whole name your cute  when your mad . he gets up  and come give me a kiss  and we hope in the shower together  don't judge  we been together for 5 years . we get dressed  and head down to the kitchen  .

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