Is Magic the best way to Love?

Naomi is a girl of 15 years old. She and her best friend, Iris, go to Superior Institute of Magic (SIM). There they meet Akul and both of them fall in love with him. Iris knows that Naomi likes Akul but Naomi didn't know that Iris likes him too. Naomi tries a lot of spells to make Akul fall in love with her. Did the last spell, the potion of love work?
All along the story friendship, forgiven, reconciliation and happines are going to be proved. And also if magic is the real best way to love.


1. The meeting

It's the morning of the fourth day of the month of spring. And the flower festival to greet the second period of the year is over, and I'm very anxious to see the people I'm going to class with. Iris, my best friend, comes with me to see the news board and even though we both want to be in the same class, we know that's impossible, because she's better at magic than me.

I am looking through the list of names of students in my class, magic B, and I'm astounded to see a name that I'm familiar with, Akul, he is the guy I fall in love with since I was six years old. Suddenly I screamed and then told Iris the best news of my life.

Me: OMG! Iris look at this, look at this!

Iris: What happened Naomi?

Me: I'm in the same class with him!

Iris: Him? What are you talking about?

Me: Come on Iris, with Akul!

Iris: Ohh! really!?

Me: Yes, look at the paper!!

I didn't notice what was happening around me, and when I realized, everyone was looking at me, even Akul! He walked to us and I got nervous and blushed. I just think that he listened what I said.

Akul: Hi! Did you call me?

Iris: No, we were just talking about the paper and the new class.

Akul: Oh, of course, I want to see it to. Ammm... magic B, magic B... Here I am! And we are in the same class Naomi!

Me: Really? I didn't notice.

Akul: Yes, here we are. Do you want to be by my side? All of my friends are in another class

Me: Oh, okey, I'll sit by you.

Akul: Nice! See you in class.

Me: Ok, bye!

Iris: Wow, you are very nervious! Do you still like him?


Me: Oh! The bell, we need to go class. See you later Iris.

Iris: Wait a minute Nao, this converation hasn't ended yet.

Me: Okey, we'll continue it in the break.

After that scene, I come to my class thinking about what said Akul and Iris, I forgot that Iris didn't know that I was still in love with Akul. I enter my class and Akul calls me, everybody looks at me so the only thing that I can do is sit in my place. The class starts, it was about how to use the magic to make easier the every day tasks. I can only see Akul and I don't pay attention to the teacher, the time flies by and one hour feels like five minutes. The break starts and I know that Iris is waiting me to continue talking. I see her in the dinning room so I go there.

Me: Hi Iris, here I am, like I promised.

Iris: Hello Nao, how was your class?

Me: Very good, and yours?

Iris: Nice as well, so... Do you still like him?

Me: Amm, yes.

Iris: Why haven't you told me!? I think that he was a thing of the past.

Me: I don't know! I thought that you liked him so that's why I didn't tell you.

Iris: Amm, no, I never liked him.

Me: Uff, okey, nice.


Iris: Remember, I'm your best friend and you can trust in me!

Me: Yes, me too. See you in lunch time.

The rest of the day pass fast and I was with Iris and Akul. The school day is over, and I said bye to Iris and while I'm going to my bus, Akul called me.

Akul: Naomi! 

Me: Hi Akul, how are you?

Akul: Nice, I only want to say you bye.

Me: Oh, okey, bye!

Akul: Bye!

He get closer and give me a kiss in the cheek, I'm in shock and he says bye with his hand and a beautiful smile. I'm in the bus, and i'm thinking about what happened so I call to Iris.

Me: OMG Iris! You wouldn't belive what happen!

Iris: What happen!? Told me!!!

Me: Akul give me a kiss in the cheek!

Iris: Wow, really!? 

Me: Yes, I was in shock too.

Iris: Well, you have an oportunity with him.

Me: I know, this day was perfect!

Iris: Yes, but only for you...

Me: What did you say?

Iris: Oh, no, nothing, I arrived to my home, so talk by text

Me: Okey, bye!

I think about what said Iris, because I can't heard it. I hope that she wasn't ungry with me. Do I do something wrong? I don't think so... Well, if she said that's nothing I belive her. 

I hope that tomorrow will be a good day.






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