1. Accidental

I was an accident.

I wasn't meant to happen.

My mommy know that.

She talks to me sometimes.

She tells me that she is sorry but she can't afford a baby.

I really wanted to have a life.

I wanted to see the food that I am fed.

I wanted to smell the rain that mommy always complains about.

I wanted to go to this place called school that she talks about.

But today is the day.

She is getting rid of me.

I guess I understand.

But I do wish I could have seen her face.

I do wish I could have grown closer to her.

I do wish she would have actually met me.

I think she would have loved me.

But now I feel the fire through my body.

I can feel my limbs being pulled off and it hurts.

The doctor says I feel no pain, but I do.

I feel everything.

I feel the oxygen being sucked from my lungs.

I feel the chemicals decaying my body.

I feel the pain in my heart as it struggles to beat






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