The Friend in the Shadows

Hello I am Elizabeth. I am 16 and this is a bit about me. I got glasses, I have light brown hair I usually put in a messy bun. I like wearing a neat outfit kinda like a cute nerd look. I am always trying to be the best I can be. Unfortunetley, I have gained a small nuisance living with me. Her name is Liza and she is my demon. She is supposedly reformed but she still likes being a bit of a pain. This is how I got stuck with her.


3. This is fun....

"Ughhh...." Elizabeth groaned opening her eyes to a blind light from her window. She sleepily rubbed her eyes and looked around. Was it just a dream? she thought to herself. She lazily slid out of bed and headed for the bathroom to wash her face. When she removed the water from her face she looked at the mirror, she saw a terrifying zombie looking face in the mirror. "Gahh!! What the fudgesticks!?" She shrieked rubbing her eyes.

A laughter erupted from in front of her. "Good morning sleepyhead! You ready for a day of some fun?" Liza said looking at her through the mirror. Elizabeth wasnt amused. "Liza.....ARE YOU TRYING TO GET ME NIGHTMARES!?" She shouted.

"Now why would a demon spirit like me want to do such a cruel thing?" Liza said innocently, flying out of the mirror. "Besides it wouldn't be funny anymore giving you the same nightmare. I like to give the element of surprise." Elizabeth grumbled and walked back to her room. She got dressed, put on her glasses, and laid on the bed grabbing her tablet.

Liza gave her a look of shock. "Are you serious right now? We have an entire day to have fun, go on adventures, see the city, and you of all things want to waste it on a device?! I will not allow my new friend to be fat and lazy." She said and picked up Elizabeth like she was a toy. "'s not lazy it's energy saving..." She groaned as she was being lifted to her feet. She set her tablet on the bed.

"Cmon it will be fun!" "No!" "Pretty please?" "Never!" They fought at each other.

"Alright I didn't want to do this but here goes. This may feel a bit weird." She said quickly. "What are you do-" before she could finish Liza had inspirited Elizabeth. "What are you doing get out!" Elizabeth said. Her right eye glowed purple as Liza said, "Now we can have some fun party pooper!" She said with joy and walked out the door.



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