The Friend in the Shadows

Hello I am Elizabeth. I am 16 and this is a bit about me. I got glasses, I have light brown hair I usually put in a messy bun. I like wearing a neat outfit kinda like a cute nerd look. I am always trying to be the best I can be. Unfortunetley, I have gained a small nuisance living with me. Her name is Liza and she is my demon. She is supposedly reformed but she still likes being a bit of a pain. This is how I got stuck with her.


1. A once normal day

It was a typical sunday afternoon, blue skies with a hint of orange. Elizabeth was sitting in her room listening to her playlist while reading an online story.

A knock was heard on the door, she looked up. "Come in." She said taking off her headphones.

The door opened and her mom appeared holding a pizza box. "I ordered pizza, your favorite." She said with slight nervousness in her voice.

Elizabeth wasn't buying it. Her mom never bought her pizza unless something bad happened. She gave her mom a look of suspicion.

"Alright what is the bad news?" She said setting her tablet beside her.

Her mom sighed and looked down. "Well you see won't be seeing your dad again for a while." She said in a sad tone.

Her dad was extremely lazy and her mom did not accept that. So they had been in a infinite loop of getting divorced or staying together because of Elizabeth.

Elizabeth got up, walked to her mother, and grabbed the pizza box. "Okay thanks mom love you." She said in the most cheeriest voice and closed the door. 

"I love you too!" Her mom said from the other side of the door. 

Tears escaped from Elizabeth's eyes as she opened the box and grabbed a slice. She set the box on a nearby shelf. She sat on her bed and stuffed her face.

The sun was setting as the last rays of light hit her room from the window. She got dressed in some fuzzy pajamas and got in the covers. 

"Maybe tomorrow will be better than today." She said to herself as she drifted to sleep. 

An exciting day yes, fun....not so much


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