The Friend in the Shadows

Hello I am Elizabeth. I am 16 and this is a bit about me. I got glasses, I have light brown hair I usually put in a messy bun. I like wearing a neat outfit kinda like a cute nerd look. I am always trying to be the best I can be. Unfortunetley, I have gained a small nuisance living with me. Her name is Liza and she is my demon. She is supposedly reformed but she still likes being a bit of a pain. This is how I got stuck with her.


6. A little lie

Elizabeth was unhappy that Liza had possessed some stranger, but she was mainly thinking of the cookies because they were her favorite desert.

She grabbed the plate of cookies and said "The cookies are nice thanks but, you can't go around possessing random people. It's weird and kinda freaky." She took a bite of the cookie. Mmm...chocolate chip! She exclaimed in her mind but said nothing.

Liza shrugged, "Well don't worry miss party pooper! She won't even remember any of this. Don't beleive me, watch this." she said and her spirit flew out of the person.

Liza flew next to Elizabeth while the stranger blinked and looked around.

"What? Where am I? I thought I was just at the bakery...." She said as she walked off trying to figure out what happened.

"Ya, see? I told ya. Doesn't remember a thing." Liza said with a smile.

"That's not the point. It be weird if you were in one place and suddenly wake up somewhere else." Elizabeth explained, popping another cookie in her mouth.

Liza looked down in thought, imagining that happening to her. "Ooookay, I see your point. Wow! Cool necklace! Where'd ya get it?" She said changing the subject.

Elizabeth started to panic. Oh it's nothing just a magic necklace meant to stop you from possessing me that I got from my friend.If I told her that she will try and kill me! "I got it from a thrift shop.." She lied.

Liza could tell in that instant she was lying but pretended not to know. "Oh really? I don't remember you wearing that when I saw you." Liza casually asked her trying to see what lie she could come up with.

Elizabeth panicked on the inside but tried not to show it, so she calmly said "Oh I just got it at the thrift store while you had left. It's uh...a good luck charm! Yeah that's it." 

Omg! That is the biggest most noticeable lie I have ever heard! I guess if she doesn't wanna tell me where she really got it then I guess it's no big deal. Liza thought to herself.

"Okie Dokie then, sooooo.....are you ready to admit defeat and say it was a good idea to come outside?" She asked Elizabeth knowing she couldn't possibly say no.

"Well....I guess it was kinda fun. I like the cookies and my new necklace, but can we go home now? My feet are killing me..." Elizabeth responded happy at the thought that Liza hadn't caught on to her lie.

"Already? It's been less than an hour, you really need to get more exercise. Oh well, fair is fair. We can go back home, but we are gonna do something other than sit around." Liza said floating while following Elizabeth back home.

Elizabeth groaned, "Aww c'mon...."

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