The Friend in the Shadows

Hello I am Elizabeth. I am 16 and this is a bit about me. I got glasses, I have light brown hair I usually put in a messy bun. I like wearing a neat outfit kinda like a cute nerd look. I am always trying to be the best I can be. Unfortunetley, I have gained a small nuisance living with me. Her name is Liza and she is my demon. She is supposedly reformed but she still likes being a bit of a pain. This is how I got stuck with her.


5. A friend to help

(At her friends house)

"You gotta help me! This demon ghost thing is driving me bonkers!" Elizabeth screeched to her friend.

She knew her friend better than anyone in the world. Her friend was a witch-in-training and believed in supernatural things. Her name was Cherry Bubbles.

She didn't really look like a witch but nevertheless she was. She was a highschool cheerleader and dressed very bubbly with pink hair and her green eyes she even wore her mixed matched socks.

"Hmm...well I have never really done anything with actual ghosts. Let me see what I can find. Where is she?" She asked Elizabeth while flipping through a dusty old book.

"Well she said that she wanted to find me something at the park so I ran here as fast as I could." She said sitting on the bed.

Cherry stopped on a page and read a bit more. "Oh here it is. 'Ghosts usually haunt people when they miss them, want revenge, or have no where else to go. They are lost souls that cannot go anywhere else but on earth.' But why is she haunting you?" Cherry wondered looking at Elizabeth.

"Well she told me she was a demon and that she was lonely." She responded trying to figure out what happened.

Cherry had a sympathetic smile and said, "Aww cheer up. I'm sure if you just ask her how to get her back to where ever she came from, she might leave and also she wont be bored."

Cherry closed her book and walked to her with a necklace. "What's this for?" She asked confused.

"This is a charm necklace. When you wear it she will be unable to posses you. If you need any more help lemme know mmkay?" Cherry siad with a smile, putting the necklace on her friend.

"Thanks Cherry. I gotta go figure out where she went. Bye." She said hugging her friend, and left.

(Time skip, at the park) 

"Liza! Liza! Where are you?" Elizabeth said yelled at the park looking for her friend.

A teen with hair covering her face walked up to Elizabeth. Her hair was black, she wore a white tee shirt and jean shorts, and her eyes were blue. "I am right here Elizabeth!" The stranger said with joy. Elizabeth was confused and freaked out that the stranger answered her. She realized her eye was covered and it hit her.


The stranger moved the hair from her face and her right eye was glowing purple.

"Hiya Elie! I gotcha a really great gift! Lookie Cookie!" She said enthusiastically and held up a plate of assorted cookies. 



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