My Best Friend's Brother

Sheridan had been best friends with Noel Mcloughlin since they were little kids (Nollaig, Irish Noel xP) and Noel has a brother named Sean, A.K.A. Jacksepticeye. But when they get older Jack's channel launches and Sheridan's does as well, her channel is called SherriCherri. But what will happen between Sheridan and Jack? What will happen between Noel and Sheridan? Find out in this story.


2. Chapter 1

~Present Day~

Sheridan's P.O.V

I was finishing editing a video I did with Noel. Oh! My name is Sheridan, I have green eyes, long brown hair, not super tall only 5'2 (AN: dunno what that'd be in meters I'm from America alright?! xD) I also have a bunny nose which is very boopable to some people. 

So that's what I look like so I'm only 24 now and I moved in with Noel since we're still best friends and I play a lot of games with Jack. I'm pretty content with life right now, studying psychology and doing Youtube.

It's what I wanted to do. But even though I'm content with life, there is something missing though. 

I was snapped out of my thoughts by my skype ringing. I answer it. It was Felix better known as Pewdiepie.   

"sup swedish bítçh" I grin giggling we had stupid nicknames like that for each other.

"well hello there you Irish/American díçk" He chuckles at himself. I playfully roll my eyes.

"anyways what does the Youtube overlord need?" I joke.

"I need you to go to America with me to PAX Prime" My eyes widen.

"F-Felix are you serious? Holy crap! I've always wanted to go!" I was excited But then I ask

"Is Jack going?" I was curious. He smile deviously.

"Yes your Jacky Wacky is coming as well he's part of Ken's panel and Marks Panel shhh but you'll be part of mine" He chuckles stupidly.

"YOU AND JACK NEED TO SCREW EACH OTHER!!" Felix shouts. I blush.

"U-Uh Felix why did you say that?" I was probably beet red.

"Because I ship SeptiCherri Bítçh" He snaps his fingers. I laugh nervously. It looks like something dawns on him.

"You liiiikkkeee him don'tcha Sheridan?" He teases. I nod a little.

"Since we were really young but Felix please don't tell him" I plead. 

"Okay fine! But I'll always remember!" He laughs. We talk and talk for a few more hours. The apartment door opens.

"Oh! Noel is here gotta go you sexy piece of áss" I jokingly wink. We both laugh.

"Okay see ya my side hóe" I shake my head.

"I'm no one's side hóe, main bítçh only" I tell him. He chuckles.

"Alright, see ya my main bítçh" We wave and we both exit the call. I get off my computer and I go to Noel.... and Jack

"You guys have the strangest conversations" Jack shakes his head. I blush.

"Y-Yeah I guess we do, but guess what!" I say excitedly.

"What?" Noel and Jack say at the same time.

"Felix invited me to go to PAX Prime with him!" I squeal.

Jack's P.O.V.

"Felix invited me to go to PAX Prime with him!" She squeals. I just nod. Felix that áss! He knew I was going to invite her. But NOPE! I mean at least I'll see her there I guess.

"Well I have to record a video, I should get to my apartment" Funny thing is we live in the same complex. 

"Why don't you just record here? I have the same setup"  Sheridan says. I sigh. 


"I guess i-if you don't mind that is" I say nervously, why was I so nervous? I shake my head.


"I don't but just don't break anything" She teases me. She knows how angry I can get during a game. I take a deep breath and I go to her recording room.


"Why don't you record something with me Sheridan?" I ask her and gulp. She thinks for a moment. She nods.


"Alright I'll record but let me do somethings before we start, stay out there for a second" She says remembering something.


So after she does she call me in. "Jack come on in!" Yell. I come in and sit in the chair. She sits in the other chair next to me. 


"So we'll we'll record two videos?" She asks. I nod. 


"Alright, on mine we'll do Rocket League and on yours we'll do... mmmm I dunno think about it" I say, She smiles and I smile back.


We get on the game, her user is: Busty Títs ... Mature I know. I laugh at her user and so does she. 


"Mark and I are the tít twins" She didn't realized I started recording. 


"Perfect way to start a video!" I shout being my usual loud self.


"Top of the morning to laddies my name is jacksepticeye and welcome to Rocket League with SherriCherri! Say hello!" I smile at her finishing my intro,


"Hello Septicfamily! Hopefully my SherriSeeds are watching too!" She says and waves. I could tell she was nervous. This is probably her third time being on the channel.


"Also before we start don't be hating on her just because she's a girl. She's one of my best friends and I've known since we was little" I explain. She looked kinda shocked.


"Also if you didn't know I'm going to PAX Prime and I'm going to be part of Ken's, Mark's and Felix's panel during it" I announce. Kinda bragging I don't know why though.


Sheridan's P.O.V.


Why is he being rude? I think to myself. I could tell he was bragging that's so unlike him. But the Swedish Bítçh didn't tell me that Jack was apart of his panel as well.


I was looking at him with a bit of disgust. I just shake my head looking away. After he goes on his rude rant we finally play the game.



AN: Thanks for reading also my Quotev is wonderwoman01 like this account on here. I forgot to say that before. But I hope this becomes a good fanfiction :)


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