New Girl: by Veronica & Kait

Bella's world is turned upside down when she is asked to Take Zayn's place in One Direction.
Right away she starts to fall for one of the boys. But will he see her growing affections towards him?
Besides that she is not sure if the fans will accept her as a member of the band. Torn, she must choose between what is best and what her heart is telling her.


13. The New Album


We were coming to an end of the Tour. Bella and I had already gone public two months ago, when I posted a picture of her and I on the beach kissing. Now that we were working on the new album, Bella and I didn't get to spend much time together since we were in the studio for six to seven hours a day. And by the time we were done we had to go to a show. 

We all were getting really excited about this record, it was the best yet.  And Bella couldn't wait until it was out. 

One day we were leaving the studio heading to the bus. Fans as always were lined up outside the studio, I still don't know how they found out where we are. We began to sign things the fans brought and take pictures. I was worried about Bella she still wasn't used to the crowds. A moment later I heard a scream from a girl. I turned around to look. Security already was escorting a fan away. Bella was on the ground with a bleeding nose.

"What is Wrong with you?!" I yelled at the Girl who hit her.

"Niall its ok." Bella Said trying to get up.

"No its not ok." I said talking her hand.

"Leave Her alone!" Louis told the crowed.

I picked up Bella and headed to the bus. Once there I sat her on the couch.

"Are you ok?"

"Yes Niall, I'm Fine." She said trying to keep me from worrying.

"I was going to ask you something, but I think that its a bad time."

"Yeah it is. I'm going to lay down. I love you Niall." she got up and kissed me before heading to bed. I sighed and sat down, pulling out a small box and looking at the ring inside. Harry Walked over and saw.

"Whoa Niall is that was I think it is?"

"Yes it is Harry, but don't tell any one. I will kill you if you do."

"Alright Niall, don't worry I won't tell. When are you going to pop the question?"

"I don't know. When I find the right time."

"Well do it soon."


I laid in my bunk unable to sleep. My head was still in a daze. I could hear the sounds of voices in the background and I wondered what they were talking about. I closed my eyes and decided that it was one of my Business. If they had wanted me in the conversation, they would have asked me. Even with all light blocked out from my little nook, my head still pounded and ached. It felt like someone was hitting bells inside my brain. With every movement I would cringe, it hurt that bad. I couldn't even handle the sound of a whisper. After a while, I wondered if that girl had really used her fists, or a heavy metal hammer to hit me with. Whatever it was, I wanted the pain to subside. Eventually I fell into a deep and restful sleep. 

I believe it was a hard blow. Because, when I woke up I had temporary amnesia. I couldn't remember anything that had happened in the past few hours. It was only when Liam, had ever so kindly explained to me what had taken place over the events of the day that I remembered. Well, kind of remembered, it was still blurred and unclear to me what was going on. I was just glad that there was no convert tonight, I didn't think I could handle those bright lights and loud noises, when my head had not yet fully recovered from the trauma it received.

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