New Girl: by Veronica & Kait

Bella's world is turned upside down when she is asked to Take Zayn's place in One Direction.
Right away she starts to fall for one of the boys. But will he see her growing affections towards him?
Besides that she is not sure if the fans will accept her as a member of the band. Torn, she must choose between what is best and what her heart is telling her.


1. Introduction

My name is Isabella Marie Gibson, but everyone calls me Bella. I live in a small house on Cork street, in Dublin, with my father, Patrick Sr. I am seventeen and the youngest of three children. Emma, is the oldest, she is married with a daughter and a son, their names are, Anna and Aidan. Patrick Jr. is the middle child and the only boy. Four months ago he moved to London to go to Oxford. Dad is a salesman, which is hard, since I don't see him for days at a time.

The house in which our story starts is small, but cozy. It is cottage style with flower boxes under the windows and a white picket fence around the front. My room is at the top of the stairs on the right where I spend most of my time at a small desk facing a deep window over looking the garden in the back. I love this house and I have lived here for as long as I can remember. All of our happiest memories were wrapped inside these walls, inside the confines of the house on Cork Street.

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