New Girl: by Veronica & Kait

Bella's world is turned upside down when she is asked to Take Zayn's place in One Direction.
Right away she starts to fall for one of the boys. But will he see her growing affections towards him?
Besides that she is not sure if the fans will accept her as a member of the band. Torn, she must choose between what is best and what her heart is telling her.


11. America

Two months passed, we were about start the American leg of the 'made in the am' tour. Niall and I had become a thing, but we still hadn't gone public yet. He sat beside me on the plane holding my hand tight in his, as we flew to New York.

"Have you told your dad yet princess?" he asked all of a sudden.

"About what?"

"About us silly!" He said laughing. How I loved his laugh.

"No. Why?"

"Well he should know that his baby girl has a boyfriend."

"Hmmm boyfriend, I like the sound of that!" I said as I kissed him on the lips. "But your right, as always, he should know." I opened my laptop and rung my dad on Skype. he answered almost at once.

"Hey Sweetie! how are you?" he asked with the biggest smile on his face.

"hey dad! I'm fine. I'm on my way to New York right now."

"Thats awesome honey!"

"hey Dad theres something I have to tell you."

"Yeah?" he asked a bit concerned.

"We are starting the new album soon." Niall bumped me. "And I'm seeing someone." I blurted out. 

"Who?" he asked.

"Niall, he's such a nice guy dad. You would like him a lot."

Niall introduced himself. "Hello Mr. O'Neal. I'm Niall, Bella's Boyfriend."

"Hello Niall, nice to meet. I hope that your taking care of my daughter."

"Oh don't worry sir, she's in good hands."

Dad went back to speaking to me. I could tell he didn't really feel comfortable with the fact that Niall and I were dating. "As long as your happy, I'm happy." he said at last.

"Thanks dad! I love you!"

"I love you to!" we talked for a few moments before I had to cut him off.

"Hey dad, I'm sorry, but I have to go. bye!"

"oh ok, honey. Stay safe. I love you! Bye."

I closed my laptop and looked at Niall, he smiled to me.

"I'm proud of you!"

"Thanks babe." 

He kissed me on the check before closing his eyes and going to sleep. I, on the other hand was far to awake to even think about a nap at this moment. So I checked my twitter, after three months with the boys the fans still didn't like me. I still received hate, now I was getting threats.

@Bellaoffical Go jump of a bridge. they don't need you!

@Bellaoffical What when through their head when they asked you to join OneDirection? I seriously don't understand it. 

I started to cry. I didn't know what to do. The fans wanted me gone, maybe I should just do what they want and leave One Direction.

Still I knew that there were those that wanted me to stay. And like Niall always tells me, "don't let them run you're life! You are you're own person and that's all that matters." I decided to try and get some rest. Maybe the sleep would do me good. You know, clear out my head. I needed to be on top of my game for the first concert of the American tour. If I had any chance to impress the fans of the United States, it had to be tomorrow night.

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