"Can I ask you something?"


"Why do you act so normal? Why do sing a long to songs on the radio? Wear normal boring clothes? Why did you become so normal? So plain boring?" His eyes seemed to shine with innocence and curiosity as she gave him a soft, knowing smile.

"I made the decision to be ordinary, completely normal," she shuffles her juice out and takes a sip. "Everyone is so focused on standing out, being unique and special. Being normal is standing out.

"I am, saving the race of normal people. I guess." He laughs at her reply, shaking his head at her absurdity. Her attempt at 'being ordinary' couldn't hide how extraordinary she really was.


1. the beginning of ordinary

Heavy footsteps hit the cemented floor as they neared her cell. She remained head bowed down, squatting against the cold stone wall.


“Miller, you've been bailed out.”


The footsteps stopped and was exchanged with the sound of keys opening the door. From the corner of her eye she could see two pairs of feet. Slowly she looked up. Of course, they sent her older brother. She could imagine them sitting together on the sofa, discussing what to do with their overly rebellious daughter; who had to be bailed out for yet another time. 


He opened the car door refusing to meet her eye contact. She huffed as she slammed the car door and threw herself onto the passenger seat. The car started and they went onto highway 39. He took a side glance from the wheel and she rolled her eyes.


“When will you ever be a normal person?”

“Normal is overrated. No one is normal anymore.”

“You see that's the problem.” She raised her eyebrows.

“No one is normal anymore. Go and be the unique 'normal' people.”

“Why should I?”

“If you can be normal, just for one day—”

“What will I get?”

“For everyday you are normal, I’ll pay you 10. No getting into trouble, just do what normal people do.”

“Is ‘love’ normal? Cause I don't want to be forced into loving some nerd at school just for this.” She didn't want to be in this honestly, but well money.

“Okay, its not normal. But you still have to love me.”


“But if you back out or stop for a day, you won’t get anything.”


“Highway 39, 13 September 2012, 9:25 am, this pact was made.” She nodded. Hopefully she could benefit from this crazy idea.

“Drive me to target. I need some ‘normal’ stuff.”


She entered school, hair neatly in a fishtail braid down her right shoulder. In bid of being normal, she had dyed it back to its natural colour, a dull brown. She wore a grey short sleeved tank top with blue jeans (much to her surprise). She chucked all her useless books, taking only her first and second period textbooks. Slamming the locker shut, she ended up leaning against it scrolling through her feed, waiting for the bell to ring. First period was always a bore, it wasn't long before she felt someone standing in front of her. His eyes were furrowed at his timetable, as he ran a hand through his hair. 


“Do you know where locker 351 is?” She felt this utmost edge to just be rude and reply with a comeback. But, being the 'normal kid' she was, she had to be nice. Or at least try. Old habits die hard after all, and she was there as proof.


“Pardon?” She would have usually said something more mean. She wasn't the type to give a care in the world for strangers. Give the kid a chance. One's got to have some guts to ask a senior for directions on the first day. Plus he’ll probably just go when asked to repeat.


“Locker 351? Do you know where it is?”


“Probably down the corridor, to the left near the coolers.”  He took a quick glance at the direction of the corridor, letting out a soft sigh. The corridor was filled with students walking, talking, getting ready for first period. She checked her watch hastily, before walking. She stopped after a few steps, glancing over her shoulder. 


“You coming newbie?” he nodded, scurrying to match her pace, not wanting to lose her in the sea of unknown people. Who was he kidding he was 6 feet plus he could easily spot the back of her head from where he was. It would be a problem though, a tall lanky student barging through people muttering ‘Excuse Me’s’ and ‘Sorry’s’ earning some dirty looks from


“Welcome to River High.” She says when he finally catches up. She scans the halls that were significantly emptier now that the first warning bell had gone. She finally stops at one, “This is it,” before walking off. He stood there slightly stunned, he didn't even get to know her name. Oh well he’d just have to find her to thank her later.


It was only when he was leaving school where he had the chance to talk to her again. sure they had a few same classes but she didn't notice him. He did however, she had this strange pullmore of an attraction, dragging him to find out more. She was leaning against her locker, much like before, staring at her phone. She knew he was there, silently, she was debating if she should say hello. After all she helped him, she had already opened up a possibility of a new friendship. And apparently making new friends was normal. According to her parents who wanted her to make more friends who weren't juvenile delinquents. She would have defended them. Not all of them were so. She didn't even come to a conclusion, he spoke first. 


<this is a new idea (do note that its not based on any real life scenarios) only the name and looks are used!>

<constructive feedback is always welcome!>

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