World of Shadows

"Why choose reality when you can have a world of your own making?" I said. I jumped in the tv with a laugh. I escaped,I thought. "Home sweet home!" I said as I landed on the ground.


1. Disturbing the Peace


My molars slowly crush the hard lump of fiber. I knit my eyebrows at my first taste of lotus root in a long,long while.

"Ugh...gross..." I say,disgusted by the lotus root. I scrape in some barley-filled rice,as if to wash down the lotus root. Today's dinner consists of chikuzenni full of vegetables. I also get some miso soup that's one step away from water,cucumber tsukemono,and even an orange slice or two for dessert. 

Oof...I want some sea urchin,or eel. Yakiniku sounds good,too. Or maybe some beef tongue,served rare,covered in onion and marinated with a little lemon juice...While I fantasize about this,I grab another lotus root out of the bento pack with my chopsticks.

I peer through the holes of the lotus root and my eyes meet those of the guard staring at me through the observation window.

"Hurry up and eat!" The prison guard demands me.

"Yeah,yeah. Sorry." I say to him.

I've been in jail for about five months now. I'm being held at the prefectural police HQ neighboring Inaba City,as a suspect in the serial murders that took place in Yasoinaba. Two murders,abandoning a corpse, and a few other charges.

Normally,I'd be immediately be prosecuted and transferred to prison,but the police are having trouble with the supernatural cause of death being "thrown into a television." I mean, as sure as hell wouldn't want to be assigned to a pain-in-the-ass case like this...Well,maybe it's not for me to say,being an ex-cop and all. 

After-meal drowsiness hits me soon after,and I lay down on the tatami mat. There's nothing to do in this empty cell,and just as I'm about to pass from consciousness into that beckoning slumber...

"Number 82, interrogation!" The prison guard says. The voice of the guard brings me back to reality. Number 82,that's me. An interrogation this late in the day? Gimmie a break. 

I walk down the hall and into the interrogation room only to see someone I remember from a couple months ago. 

"Nanako!?" I exclaim. She was slightly taller and looked at me. She was one of my victims of the thrown-in-the-tv incidents. She survived because of her pesky cousin Yu. Oh no,I thought. Dojima-san was right next to her. But something caught my was a tv. A tv big enough for me to fit in. I smiled.

"Adachi-san?" Nanako asked. Dojima looked at me. I took a step towards the tv. Dojima looked...No! Stared into my soul! I took another step. I see my old gun on the table. I pick it up then Dojima jumped at me and tackled me. I shoved the barrel of the gun in his mouth and then grabs him by his shirt color and pulls him up. Nanako started to cry. Dojima kicked me then I pulled the trigger on the gun. BAM! Dojima fell. Nanako cried and then I heard footsteps running to the room. I grab Nanako by the shirt. I pull her to the tv then a officer breaks in and sees me throw Nanako in the tv. 

"It's true!" The officer exclaimed. I rolled my eyes. "Why do you go in there!?"

"Because why choose reality when you can have a world of your own making!" I jump in the tv. I land on the ground in the shadow world. "HOME SWEET HOME!" I yell.


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