Guardian angel

Et digt jeg skrev for noget tid siden, jeg har vist det til nogle, men kun få har fået det tilsendt. Og det få der har fået det tilsendt ved at de betyder alt for mig her i denne verden. Digtet handler i bund og grund om ønsket man har om at beskytte dem man elsker, men også de uselviske handlinger der følger med det. Og undskyld det står så roddet som det gør, de næste digte bliver pænere, pinky promise xD


1. Your guardian angel

Close your eyes, listen to the voices, open them, hear my desperate cries to bring you back. Hear my wings flap, as you fall down, believe in me, believe that i will catch you, even if my wings will break from the fall, even if my heart stops beating, i will do it to stop yours from bleeding. Do not fear the harm at all, i will take the pain, and i will keep the scars, do not fear the darkness and demons, i will drive them away, do not fear to speak your mind, cause i will stand right next to you, making sure no one will ever harm you. Do not fear standing alone, cause you won't ever do so again. Unfolding my wings for another flight, another fight, for you and no one else, these wings may be broken, but i don't mind, you are worth the pain and suffering. Even if this is the last time i am ever going to unfold anything, if it will create your happiness i don't mind at all. This is my mission, this is my goal, this is all i want to fight for. This is my life, you are my life. Your happiness is my happiness, your problems are my problems, and we're going to solve them together, no matter what. One day, i will take you away, just to two of us, our rules, our home, our world, our life, together. That is my dream and my goal. No matter how often you need me, no matter how badly, do not fear my dear, i will be right there, guiding you, and keeping you safe. Call me out as often as you need to, i don't mind at all, cause i will do anything for you. I will give you a future and life so bright that you past will be washed away and forgotten. If i could, i would take all your scars and all the scars to come. I have one goal here, if i fail this one goal, i will see you in heaven. Every drop of blood, every scar, every tear every feather lost, every broken bone, you are worth it all, no matter what. Cause you gave my life a purpose, a dream, a future, a reason to stay. Every smile you give me brings a tear in my eye, every tear in your eye makes my heart bleed. I may not be perfekt, i make mistakes, but i love you, and i will do so with all my heart and whole life and afterlife. Even though it all seems hard on us now, i promise you, one day i will take you with me, and we will forget it all, just the two of us. The smiles, the tears, the good times, the bad times, together we will get through them all. The world is open, take my hand, lets walk away, into the life, forever together, just you and i.

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