Christmas All Year😱


7. Mental Hospital😭

We were still in the stroller car thing and all of us were pretty much crying our brains out. With the littlest hope that these 11,12 years old had😂 All of us while I was driving were thinking we must of been of kidnapped because we just remembered that we got hit with a sled and it was just a small scratch and we didn't pass out and the reason we lost our memory wasn't because of them hitting us because then we would of never gotten our memory back so that means they must of kidnapped us and then gave us a dry that made us temporarily loose our memory. Everyone was asking Tessa and essence what happend to them and apperently they wanted to see if they could sleepover with us because there parents were on vacation to and someone put them in a bag in brought them here. SO WE WERE KIDNAPPED said Abby. Everyone started crying again. We have to escape said Tessa and everyone agreed. So we kept driving and driving with the flashlight and on the walls was writin die bitch. We right away told each other never ever get out of this stroller. Luckly the lump thing was like unlimited gas so we were good all of a sudden we heard a yell it was essence! Some mental guy was pulling on her trying to hurt her everyone pulled and pulled and luckily she was good so we speeded and we looked for an exit all of these doctors with knives were chasing us. We Saw an exit that was opened. Dumbass😂😂😂 We straight away sped and all the doctors (kidnappers) chased us we through our pans back at them and they fell luckily there was a boat we quickly jumped out and and brought the stroller with us on started driving the boat. There was lots of fuel with us but if we lost it by anychance we could just unclip the lump and put it on the boat. Oh I forgot to mention it was a sumberine! Way safer! It was actually bullet proof to so we were good. (Wait till update)

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