Christmas All Year😱


2. December 24th🌪

It was December 24th. (My b day) and it was very cold out. I woke up with lots of excitement and like any other 14 year old I went to go brush my teeth eat my breakfast and watch TV. I was exited because my family was going on a 20 day trip to Las Angeles and because Sam and Abby (My BFFS) were so close to me they were gonna stay over for the 20 days! All of a sudden I heard ***RING,RING*** They were here! I was veryexited not only cuz they were coming but because it was a 25 day school break and we got the ENTIRE house to our self! I opened the door. We all said hi to each other and hugged. Samantha kinda didnt want to hug because she was just thinking about the tickets that she didnt get to 5SOS. And at least for once Abby didnt squish the guts out of me and Sam like I love that girl but lets just say shes VERYYYYYYYYYYY strong. When I sat them down we all watched a movie and played in the snow and did lots f fun things untill I remembered that we had a cake in the fridge and TOMMOROW WAS CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!! I took out the cake and we all sung happy birthday to me. Instead Sam was singing the micheal clifford pizza song. 5 secs later it was time to blow out my candes and make a wish. I wished for it to be christmas everyday. (wait for next update.

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