Self image

As a child we are taught to rely on our parents but not for Aria Comatis. Since age for she has Cooked, Cleaned, Gotten all A's in school, and has been involved in sports. Recently though she starts working a part time job and the stress becomes too much to bare as the 16 year-olds trust issues get in the way of her being happy and finally having a boyfriend. even if she 'doesn't want one'


3. Spying on Aria and her boyfriend?

im left udderly confused and walk out of the classroom deciding i was gonna take the rest of the day off.I got in my car and sped away to the beach. I pull out my mint green bikini for Victoria secrets. i slip it on. (while i was still in the car... im not that big of a slut god..) I get out of the car with my phone, earbuds, towel, and sun glasses. i find a spot and lay my towel down.I start my music and drift to sleep.

Derek's POV

Shes beautiful. I loved playing with her. getting in her head... and pants. well not yet but ill get there. Her lips tasted of mint and her eyes held anger, yet a caring look to them. I dont want to brake her though. like i have done every other girl. ugh where is she!!!  i need to see her i cant keep her out of my head. I look outside and see her car pulling out.. ironic that i see her right when i want to.

i quickly excuse myself from class following her car. shes going to a... nude beach?! no way am i allowing that to happen. As creepy as it sounds i watch her change not getting a very good view though. Thank god shes wearing a bathing suit i might have freaked out otherwise.

I spoke to soon the bathing suit barley covers her large breasts and the bottom is basically a thong. I cant help but stare at her lovely body. i watch her settle down and just as im walking over there another guy walks up to her tapping her shoulder. i cant hear what he said but she popped right p and into his arms. He looked older maybe 22... 23?

She pecked his lips and smiled. Who the fuck is he and why is he touching her?! i think i might just freak out.

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