Self image

As a child we are taught to rely on our parents but not for Aria Comatis. Since age for she has Cooked, Cleaned, Gotten all A's in school, and has been involved in sports. Recently though she starts working a part time job and the stress becomes too much to bare as the 16 year-olds trust issues get in the way of her being happy and finally having a boyfriend. even if she 'doesn't want one'


2. Drama much?

Summary of last chapter: In trouble for not wearing uniform and screaming at Derek for rubbing his foot on my leg. We have detention for the next 2 weeks together.

Arias POV:

I sat in math all the way in the back like last class. I also had Jame's in this class with me. there was 3 seats in the back of the class room where i sat with him. We throw our other stuff on other seat and actually start the work. Jame's gives me a look and immediately i understand what we were gonna do.

I get the red food die out and fake a bloody nose to go to the nurse. im dismissed and walk around the corner wiping the food die away. Less than 5 minutes later James comes out with a blunt shoving it in his pocket. We discreetly walk out of the building and under the bleachers on the football field as cliche as it sounds, its a good spot.

In about 20 minutes a lacrosse ball gets thrown by us and of course Derek hall picks it up. I laugh for no particular reason except that i was high as fuck at the moment. Derek looks at me, "something funny miss Comatis" he says walking closer to me. James at this point is past out. "no" i giggle.

"i think that you think otherwise and your keeping me out of the circle, let me in babe tell me whats so funny." By this point he has me pinned against the wall. i take in his words and body as well as the smell of his mint breath. "babe?"  he brakes me out of my trance. "what!?" i say a bit harshly. "aw is someone high and sexually frustrated?"

i grunt. "no" i say looking down. Derek pulls my chin up. "i think you are" i look into his eyes trying to see what hes getting at not even realizing he keeps inching closer to me face. I look down to his lips and bite mine. He chuckles and pecks my lips. i stand there confused as he backs away and goes back to playing lacrosse.

I push the thought away, "James get up class is over in 10" i say kicking him where the sun doesnt shine.


About 2 hours later 3 class periods and its lunch time. Gracie, James, Ben, and I all sit down at a booth. Ben eats then goes to make out with his girlfriend, Gracie doesn't eat and just reads. James and i discuss our day.

"Get the fuck up now!" i hear my brother grit out.

"... um why? i was here first, plus its not like your anorexic girlfriend and you eat. Well not food anyways maybe each other." i say.

The cafeteria erupts in laughter and 'ohh' 'burn' 'good one' 'true'.

"Aria baby move or ill move you" Derek says. i look up at him. For once i notice how hot he looks. His jet black hair gelled up in a Quiff his hazel eyes piercing mine. "First of all im not one of your sluts so don't call me 'babe' second of all i would like to see you try, plus what about the other 2 kids sitting here?"

He clenches his fists and walks over to me lifting me up."Derek put me down!" i say banging on his back while kicking and screaming. "NO i gave you the choice to do you picked the hard way." he says walking out of the cafeteria. 

I gave up after about five minutes of screaming. He puts me down and locks the door to the classroom he directed us to. He instantly pins me against the wall. "you think its okay to disrespect me?" he asks ".. um yeah i do" i say biting back me laughter. "its not" 

With that he slams his lips to mine, at first i stand there doing nothing but then it hits me and i start moving my lips against his.He asks for permission, by swiping his tongue across my bottom lip which i decline. he pinches my sides which i expected and kept my mouth closed. He slightly growled and moved his hand to my waistband shoving his hand down and playing with the hem of my panties. i gasp at this and (whoa shocker) he slips his tongue in. I instantly moan at the sensation. He chuckles into the kiss and pulls away. "so princess you are obviously experienced aren't you?"


"oh is that so? im pretty sure you are princess, dont you lie to me!" His eyebrows raised the entire time.

"Ok 'daddy' " I say sarcastically. "oh dont you forget it baby" he says grabbing my chin kissing me on the lips, and walking out of the room. Hes so strange.  







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