Saved From Hell

5sos's Ashton Irwin has had a great life, until he gets a call from his Aunt Jenna who told him that she caught her niece Jennifer Jasmine Lillian Genevieve Irwin get abused, raped and starved by his whole family and he deserves to know his baby sister JJ and tells his aunt to drive to Maine and he will pick her up from their, and her life's about to be changed forever.


2. Bree's POV

​I've never thought that this would of happened to me, everything used to be amazing, silly and goofy when I was younger but when I turned 12 years old, it all did a 360 and nothing was ever the same anymore.

  You'd think that having a family, would make you feel safe, loved and cared for but that was a complete lie, I couldn't trust them ever because they would freak out over the stupidest littlest things.       I knew that the only aunt who didn't do anything sexual to me was my Aunt Jenna and she's an amazing person, because she had her suspicions for a couple years, I didn't even have to tell her, she came to me with questions, and I ended up crying in her arms for the next 4 hours explaining everything and she couldn't believe that her sister, brother in law, her kids, and all the other aunts, uncles and cousins could do that to her niece. She called the police, and told them what happened and she emailed her husband the proof which was the pictures, videos, and everything else and that her nephew which is Bree's brother didn't know that he had a sister. They immediately told her that they've just stopped at the house and had arrested them all and put them in the holding cell for the night until they got lawyers and their trial is in the morning at 9am and they had bree testify which she didn't mind. It was finally time to tell everyone including the judge of everything that has happened to me, and everyone will be in for a complete surprise, because its the most sickest, disgusting thing ever because what family rapes their daughter/niece/cousin/sister and then has sex with each other. Its completely sick in so many ways and she has everything written down in her journal of everything that has happened these past 5 years which makes me 17 years old and is lucky to have her aunt by her side and wondered why her family didn't tell her that I was 5sos Ashton Irwin's baby sister and why she was a disappointment to everyone.   I had so many questions written down, but no answers and she was going to talk to the judge about that when tomorrow comes, and its all a scary thing to do.                              


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