crush crush crush

A compilation of messages I wish I'd sent to him. (sorry about all of the cringe chapter titles)


11. 'Yesterday my worries got the best of me'

This was such a bad idea. I hate you. I actually do. 

The problem is that I was in my ICT exam today and I'd finished half an hour early. I could see him, my boyfriend and I kept thinking about you. I'm realising that the more I write to you, about you, the more I realise I only want to be friends with this guy. I knew it wouldn't work out from the start, we didn't have much in common anyway.

It's like I'm falling for you all over again. The more I think about you the more I fall for you all over again. You're killing me. I need your help, your advice. I need to talk to you, please... Please I can't do this again. I don't want to fall for you again. 

Only me who could fall for a guy she no longer knows just be thinking about him. I kinda really do hate you and me. If only you knew this was happening, you would laugh so much. Look at the mess I've made. ugh. 


Jealousy - Tom Odell

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