crush crush crush

A compilation of messages I wish I'd sent to him. (sorry about all of the cringe chapter titles)


1. 'It's killing me'

I wish I had told you that I liked you differently. It was so cringe and I was tired and I had stayed up to tell you and I was in a weird tumblr phase so I wish you would translate that fatal message in your head to something more along the lines of:

Ewan, it is 20 past 1 am and I am awake thinking of you. Thinking of you because I have been reading and silly thoughts always fill my head when I have a book in my hands. Well this one particular thought, it includes you, I wish I'd plucked up the courage to tell you this earlier but what I'm trying to say is that I like you, I really like you. I always have. Even when I always denied my crush for you. So I live in a new place, and maybe this is the start of a new me, but then again maybe its just because I can't stop thinking of you... so maybe you will read this and think woah, what a crazy girl and you will delete me from Facebook, I know I would delete me too. However maybe you will think that you did at least at one point, like me as more than just a friend.

But then again that is quite wishful thinking to think I could write something so coherent at 1:20am. Maybe I wish I had written something more like this:


lmao Ewan, I just thought I'd slide back into your DMs and tell you that I really like you, hmu sometime.


But even that would be quite difficult for me to write when I'm tired however it would have been better than including the phrase 'can't be tamed' and something about having this weird moment of spontaneity where I have to tell you that I like you.


Mr Brightside. - The Killers

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