crush crush crush

A compilation of messages I wish I'd sent to him. (sorry about all of the cringe chapter titles)


35. 'I'm sorry, believe me'

The simple fact is, an action as simple as liking an instagram photo makes me go mental. Evidently you saw that I had a great night last night in probably the skimpiest outfit I have ever worn. Fuckin bralette. I'd like to say I did start the night with a top on, I just got too hot and so I took it off. I suppose alcohol made me more self confident and actually lots of people said I looked really great so I suppose it wasn't too bad. 

But you liked the photo.

We both know you're not one for being very active on social media but you actively saw this photo and double tapped. I know it means nothing but what did you think? Have I gone mega slut? Or do I look good? I will never know because I don't think I can bare talking to you ever again unless you start the conversation. 

I like hundreds of photos everyday, why is it any different when you like my photos? Maybe because you follow like five people and you never actively like any of my stuff before and we have history. Not much, but enough for it to completely take over my life. omg am I obsessed with you? Not like creepy obsessed but like underlying subconscious obsessed? ew wtf I need to get my act together. I guess it would help if I could talk to someone about you but I can't because who wants to hear about the weird crush I've had on a guy after no more of an hour conversation in the past two years since I told him I liked him ugh.

Next time hit me up with a comment like 'looking great' or 'u look hot' or ' wow you've changed so much!'

Maybe not the last one but something regarding that I look much better now than I used to :)


Not in that way - Sam Smith


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