crush crush crush

A compilation of messages I wish I'd sent to him. (sorry about all of the cringe chapter titles)


24. 'I'm not much into health food'

Who would've ever thought I'd be the kind of girl who goes to parties? I'm more of the kind of girl that will curl up with a good book or movie and that's her night sorted. But lately my friends have been dragging me out to party. (funny story- the one party I didn't go to, my friend kissed this guy and it broke up our friendship group lmao) Anyway, I imagine you're a party person but your parties and my parties are probably quite different. My parties are small and generally no one or only one person is sick, the rest of us happily dancing the night away, maybe a bit of drama when someone kisses someone else, not so strangely that's never me, when your only choices are a guy with a girlfriend, a guy who's totally in love with some other girl and your ex boyfriend- no kissing is going to happen. Not that I really care, I just wanna have a good time, sing to some tunes, drink some Pina Colada and that's about it. 

Maybe one day when I'm a lil bit tipsy I'll message you, how bad would that be? It would be bad, I don't even really know words sometimes when I'm sober let alone when I'm not. I'd probably say something very stupid and have mad regrets but I would probably also not care because at least I messaged you haha.

If u like Pina Coladas hit me up, lmao.


^This is why I can't send messages, because they get like that at the end^


Escape - Rupert Holmes

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