crush crush crush

A compilation of messages I wish I'd sent to him. (sorry about all of the cringe chapter titles)


13. 'Heavy as the horses, that carry me away'

Do you remember how we both used to like Ben Howard?

I started listening to him because you had listened to him on spotify and then I actually really liked Ben Howard. I still love Ben Howard, but I don't listen to him anymore. I can't because it makes me think of you way too much and I can't handle it. But here I am listening to Every Kingdom and I forgot how relaxing and calming his music is and I love it. 

However I am writing this and thinking of you and how we both used to have the same favourite song and how you thought I would like mosher music but then I actually like rock and Ben Howard and you were surprised. I remember all this, and so much more. How could I forget anything that happened between us ever. I wish I could forget you. well I don't actually. I wish we could talk. 


Diamonds - Ben Howard

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