crush crush crush

A compilation of messages I wish I'd sent to him. (sorry about all of the cringe chapter titles)


26. 'Everything is shattering snd it's my mistake'

So do you wanna like help me get over you? Tell me you hate me, argue with me, do something I could never forgive you for so that I can hate you? 

Not that that is the sort of thing you would do. You're too nice. Sometimes I think you never actually liked me and that you were just saying it because you didn't want to hurt my feelings. In all honesty I kinda do hate you. But if you started talking to me again then I would so fall straight in and hate myself for doing so. 

It's just so pathetic, ya know? Like surely after two years of no speaking I should just be able to get over you? It's pathetic because it ruined my relationship, if you could even call it that. However I'm glad it did because weirdly now I can't stand him, I was just foolin' myself, convincing myself I liked someone just because they weren't completely terrible and they liked me. But he is annoying as fuck and you made me realise that kind of. Basically if you do this with every guy I could like then we have a problem. 


FOOLS - Troye Sivan

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