crush crush crush

A compilation of messages I wish I'd sent to him. (sorry about all of the cringe chapter titles)


40. 'and I want to see life'

You're not the only Ewan I know. I have friend, Euan and it's complicated. He just broke up with his girlfriend and they were both at the party last night. I got drunk, celebrating my good results but Euan was not as drunk and I'm pretty sure he was trying to get me to kiss him. The whole night he was putting his arm around me and leaning in and he even tried to get me into the infamous kissing shed at my friend's house. I didn't kiss him, I don't like him that way, he can be quite the dick sometimes so instead of sitting inside I repeatedly told him I liked the rain and then tried to go off dancing. He only wanted to make his ex jealous anyway. Kinda like how I try to make you jealous but I don't go around trying to kiss other people. 

I just message you things like 'goodnight x' 'oh you're ew not eu haha sorry'. In a way I knew what I was doing but I was just so upset towards the end and I was crying and I just wanted a reaction. There was a lot of drama last night. Broken friendships and high emotions and smashed glasses and lots of booze. Not a good combination. I just wanted everyone to have a good time and for people to stop crying because like they're my friends and I hate to see them upset! 

Maybe I come across as really flirty when I'm drunk but literally I don't mean anything by it, I flirt with tristan all the time jokingly because I obviously don't like him and more importantly he is going out with one of my best friends. 

I'm just curious about how the drama is back up there. Would we have any drama?


There's a light that never goes out - The Smiths

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