Poetry assorted like chocolates, but probably a little less sweet


2. who am i ?

Who am I to you?

I looked in your warm, homelike eyes and I saw.

I was your princess.

I was your one and only.

I was yours.

I looked in your warm eyes and I saw.

I was your girlfriend.

I was your playmate.

I was the only one who cared.

I looked in your eyes and I saw.

I was someone you were too afraid to loose.

I was someone who was a little rude.

I was flawed.

I looked in your cold eyes and I saw.

I was a voice to argue with.

I was a body for you to touch and grab.

I was a worker to make you happy.

I looked in your cold, unknown eyes and I saw.

I was gone.

I was just another person.

I was someone for you to have.

Now I ask, who am I to me?

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