Don't let them hear you. Don't let them see you. Don't let them find you, and whatever you do. Don't let them touch you.
"What are they?"


6. Chapter 5

I woke up and rolled onto my back and sighed looking up at the stars. I slowly removed Kaden's arms from around my waist and climbed up to the higher branches and watched the stars.  "Hey Stevie," I jumped at Zach's voice and smiled as he sat beside me, "Hey Zach attack."

"So what you doing up here buddy?" He asked me. I sighed and lay my head on his shoulder, "I'm just thinking and gazing at the stars, you know we haven't had a clear night like this in years," He hummed in agreement and rest his head on mine as we stared up at the stars.

I woke in the morning to a low feral growl. One that made my hair stand on end instantly. I shook Zach awake and looked down, "oh crap," he said climbing down to the other two. I followed as he shook them awake and grabbed his gun.

"What is it?" A sleepy Amethyst asked.

"I'll give you one guess," I replied.

"Aw shit," Kaden exclaimed grabbing his weapon. Amethyst grabbed Kaden's spare gun and looked at me with wide scared eyes. I held my hand out and she gripped it instantly. The Infected, two of them were right below us, they started to climb.

"Aw shit they can climb now?" Zach asked no one in particular.

"Well I guess we better distract them," Kaden smirked, he then turned to us, "we'll lead them away and you girls go the other way," I nodded and felt Amethyst squeeze my hand causing my to look at her, "Its okay Am they'll find us again. I promise," I smiled.

"How can you be so sure?" She asked.

"Relax, we do it all the time," I reassured her and looked back at the guys and nodded smirking, "Well boys, get going." They smirked back at me and nodded at each other jumped. The Infected went after them.

"You ready Am?" I asked and she nodded, "Okay and jump," We did. We landed and came up in a roll, I grabbed her hand again and we went running in the opposite direction. Only one thought went through my head, 'Zach, Kaden, please be okay.' Skidding to a stop Amethyst ducked behind me as we saw what was infront of us, "What the hell is that?" She asked quietly.

"No," I breathed, "It can't be,"

"Stevie?" Her voice was full of emotion.

"Stay behind me," I urged.

"What is it?" She asked again but firmer this time.

"It's, its," I took a deep breath, "It's the second level of infection, but this is the first of seen." I explained.

"Second level?" Amethyst exclaimed.

"Yeah," I answered

"What would that be?" I could feel her shaking as she gripped the back of my shirt.

"Zombiefication," I deadpanned. The creature growled and lunged.

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