Don't let them hear you. Don't let them see you. Don't let them find you, and whatever you do. Don't let them touch you.
"What are they?"


4. Chapter 3

If there was one place worse than the roads, it was the woods. Not only did we have to watch out for any infected roaming around, we also had to watch out for all the wild animals. We used to hunt them for meat, but after several deaths they claimed unfit for human consumption so we had to grow food and all became vegetarian, not that we minded much. We found out that Amethyst was from the next town over and they had suffered the same kind of problem, but they hadn't seen or heard of the Infected which I found a little strange I mean it was all over the news.       "So what are the Infected exactly?" Amethyst asked as we hiked through the undergrowth, Zach in the lead with his gun at the ready, the rest of us just behind him with mine and Kaden's hands joined together.                                                 "The Infected are creatures that have forgotten what its like to be human," I explained.                                                     "So their like zombies?" Amethyst asked.                                                                                                                            "No," Zach said, looking back at her, "They're much worse." Her eyes widened at that and she opened her mouth to ask another question when a howl sounded from ahead. We all froze, me and Kaden drawing our guns and making sure Amethyst was between us and protected. Out of the buses came a wolf and we all let out a breath we'd been holding, this wolf was fine because it's eyes weren't black. I smiled at the boys and giggled. Amethyst looked at me like I was crazy while Zach and Kaden gave nervous smiles.                                                                                                   "Um Stevie are you okay?" Kaden asked. He came closer and placed his hand on my arm, "Are you sure you seem a little...."                                                                                                                                                                                 "Hysterical." Zach finished.I just laughed harder causing the wolf to growl then turn tail and run, and others to just look really worried. When I finally got my breath back I was able to speak, "I'm fine," I panted, "It's just it was nice to see an animal who wasn't infected, and to find Amethyst, a human that hasn't been infected." Zach shook his head smiling, "You're such a weirdo Stevie," I gave him a playful glare and stuck my tongue out at him. Kaden grabbed my hand and pulled me along with him, "Come on it's getting dark, so we better get moving."            "Wait so where are we going to sleep?" Amethyst asked, I looked over my shoulder to see her holding onto Zach's hand so she wouldn't fall, "Hey Zach do you wanna tell her or shall I?" He looked at Amethyst smiling and she looked at him confused, "What?"                                                                                                                                                 "Look up sweetheart," She did, "that's where were sleeping," Amethyst froze and looked at him and then me as realization hit. "Wait what? We have to sleep in the trees?" I laughed and held my hand out to her, and she took it, Zach still holding her other hand, "It's either we sleep on the floor and risk getting infected or killed, or we sleep in the trees and survive," Amethyst sighed. Giggled I wrapped my arm around her shoulders instead and we started walking again. After a few moments silence Zach spoke up, "Hey Amethyst, you can right?"                                        "You're kidding right?" Amethyst almost looked pale. "Stevie is he serious? Stevie?" I nodded and she groaned hanging her head, "I'm dead," She groaned. I giggled and squeezed her shoulder to comfort her.                             "You'll be fine," I told her.     

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