Don't let them hear you. Don't let them see you. Don't let them find you, and whatever you do. Don't let them touch you.
"What are they?"


3. Chapter 2

After what felt like hours the truck stopped, the back doors opened and a security guard spoke to us in a gruff voice, "this is a bathroom stop, you have five minutes. You get lost you get left." Ah yes because everyone wants to have nature as their bathroom. I split off from the boys and squatted behind a bush. After doing my business I washed my hands with the water bottle I'd swiped getting off the truck and strapped my holster to my leg, gun snugly inside it. After stashing the bottle in my bag and zipping it closed I froze, the bushes behind me rustling and my hair standing up on end as a low feral growl reached my ears, 'Shit' I thought. I bolted just as an infected sprang at me. I spun my gun coming up and firing, hitting the infected making them fall. I ran back to the truck knowing the infected wouldn't stay down, "Get in the truck!" I yelled when everyone came into view, they looked at me like I was crazy. I saw Zach's eyes widen and he drew his gun "Duck!" He yelled. I hit the floor and rolled, bullets flying over my head. I got up and Kaden pulled me to the truck as everyone piled on, the truck starting to move "Zach!" I yelled he ran after the truck and I managed to grab his hand yanking him on. That's when we saw her running after the truck arms waving "Stop! Help!"

Zach yelled at the driver "Stop the truck!" But he only sped up.

"She's not gonna make it." Kaden said, hearing that made my heart freeze, but my eyes widening as I saw them behind her. Two infected had her on lock and we're moving in. Fast. The girl wasn't getting any quicker, so I jumped "Stevie!"

Ignoring the call I ran to the girl hand outstretched to meet hers, grabbing it and taking a sharp left I swung her behind me, gun drawn and fired. Two shots went off and the creatures fell, The boys joining us and Kaden wrapping me in a hug. "Come on." I said, "They won't stay down for long." We all faced the new girl, "Hey I'm Stevie, this is Kaden and Zach." I gestured to the boys in turn.

"I'm Amethyst, what are they?" She gestured towards the slowly stirring figures.

"Infected." I answered. Knowing there was no chance of catching the truck we all met in a silent agreement and headed off into the woods.

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