Don't let them hear you. Don't let them see you. Don't let them find you, and whatever you do. Don't let them touch you.
"What are they?"


2. Chapter 1

I bolted upright with a gasp. Ugh. I'd had the same damn dream again. Someone shifted beside me "Hey Stevie, you okay?" A sleepy voice asked. I looked at Kaden, he he was your typical blonde hair, blue eyed guy. I gave him a small smile, whispering back "I'm fine, sorry I woke you. Go back to sleep."  He did. I looked around at the safe house we were in, people were in beds or sleeping bags on the floor. The government had this place built beforehand, as if they knew it would happen. I wouldn't be surprised if they were the cause of it. Sighing I got up and went to the balcony, the night air cooling my skin. The safe house had running water and a constant supply of food, there was an outer fence built around the safe house. This provided some space to run and walk so weren't cooped up all day. Sighing I leant against the balcony. Just once I wanted to be on the other of the fence. 
"Hey trouble," I turned and saw my friend Zach and smiled, he had brown hair and impossibly bright blue-green eyes. 
"Hey Zach, nice bed head," I ruffled his hair as he stood beside me. 
"So what's got you up so late Stevie?" He lit up a cigarette. I shrugged "Bad dream and smoking is bad for you, dumb ass." 
He shrugged "Hey we got nothing to lose and one day we'll be too old to run."
"Dude your only twenty two" 
"Exactly, like said old." I giggled at his statement. Smiling he took a drag. We stood in comfortable silence letting the night air chill us slightly. "Well I'm going back inside, I'm getting cold. Night Zach."
"Night Stevie," with that I went inside and crawled back into bed. I heard a soft click and Zach passed by. I snuggled deeper into the covers and fell into a dreamless sleep. 

The next morning I awoke to someone shaking my shoulder urgently. I groaned and opened my eyes seeing Kaden above me, he looked worried, "What is it Kaden?" I asked, my voice rough with sleep. 
"We gotta go like right now."
"They got in the gate." 
I gave him a tired confused look as I sat up, rubbing remnants of sleep out of my eyes. He rolled his "Come on Stevie them." 
"You lost me at hello." 
"This is no time for playing around, this is serious. The infected, they got in. They're through the fence." My eyes widened as his words sunk in "What?" 
"Yeah so we gotta move now."
He pulled me out of bed. I got ready in record time while he threw my essentials and only book into my backpack. He took my head and we ran to where a truck was waiting. 
"Where are we going?" I asked as we were the last to climb on. The truck soon headed off.
"To a new safe house." Kaden answered. 
"Not that there can be many left." 
Zach appeared. 
The ride was mostly silent after that, as we settled in for a trip to a place we weren't sure even existed anymore. 

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