Screenplay no. 1
Something new; tell me what you think! Formatting is probably wrong, but please don't mind that ��
Hoping to do more with this


1. Scene 1



Elvis Presley’s “FOLLOW THAT DREAM” plays as you see JOHN DEER (male, mid 20s, very generic looking. Wearing a dark t shirt and casual jeans) walking with earbuds in his ears and a small skip in his step. A dog barks at him and the dogs owner, who is a middle aged woman tending a garden, waves at him with a smile. He waves back and returns the smile. The smile lessens, but remains as he keeps walking.

Soon, JOHN is walking into his near by home while simultaneously taking out the earbuds. The music stops as he does so. Only the sound of the door shutting is followed by the sound of his foot steps.

He clicks on his old timey radio and Elvis Presley’s “MYSTERY TRAIN” plays as he walks into his kitchen. He grabs out a some meat from his refrigerator along with some eggs before grabbing two pans, a spatula, and a cutting board. Finally, he pauses momentarily in front of a drawer before opening it. He pulls out a knife and over his shoulder his reflection is seen in the knife. He turns on the stove top, cracks his egg into a pan, and then puts the carton away. He soon begins to cut his meat before finishing it up and putting it in the other pan. He tends to his food for a short while before the song switches to Elvis Presley’s “BLUE SUADE SHOES.”

He finishes cooking and takes his meal to his dining table. There, he eats, but soon gets a text message from a JANE DOE saying “plans still on for tonight?” He replies with a simple “yes” before finishing his meal.


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