Don't Let Me Go- Harry Styles fanfic

A Harry Styles fanfic :)


2. :)

We walked out to his car. "So where do you want to eat?" Harry asked while opening my door.

"Thank you," I said while getting in. He smiled. "I don't really care, most places are closed." I said.

"True... How about we cook something?" Harry offered.

"Let's do this Styles." We got out of the car. We looked through the kitchen. "Have any ideas?" I asked.

"Nope." He said.

"Well, what sounds good to you?" I asked.

"Food." He said.

"Thanks for the help Harry." I said sarcastically.

"Anytime babe." He laughed.

"Want some pancakes?" I asked!

"Pancakes sound... Awesome." He said.

"Okay." We got all the stuff out for the pancakes.

"Hey babe, look." Harry said.

He threw a bit of flour at me. "Oh no you didn't Styles!" I threw an egg at him. I raised my eyebrows. He came towards me with milk. "Oh no." I ran around the kitchen but he never tried to pour milk on me. We were laughing. I accidentally ran into him and the flour bag exploded and the eggs cracked. We laughed even harder. "Now we can't make pancakes." I claimed sadly.

"Its okay." He looked for another food. "How about we go to get pancakes later. We can have a granola bar." He said.

"Okay." He tossed me a granola bar and I actually ate it. "How about we shower. I'll use the one in my room and you can use the one in the hall?" I said.

"Yeah that's probably a good idea. Wanna go with me to my car really quick?" He asked me. 

"Sure." We looked out the window. Paparazzi were out. Not a lot but a few. Harry grabbed my hand and walked outside. They were yelling asking how we are doing as a couple and if we will be married. 

Harry grabbed black pants and a shirt with some pattern on it. We walked back inside. "That has to be the worst I've ever looked publically." He said.

"You are still Harry though." I kissed him quickly. He smiled. "I love you." I told him.

"I love you too." He said back. I looked in his green eyes and he looked back into my blue eyes.

"I'm going to shower." I said.

"Yeah, me too." He went into the bathroom down the hall and I went into my room which had a bathroom.

I took a quick shower hoping to get all the flour out of my hair. I finally got out. I put on a fresh clean pair of faded blue skinny jeans with a shirt that white with a black music note in the front. I put my hair up into a ponytail and had no makeup on. I never wore lots of makeup so I basically look the same. I walked out of my room and the shower was off so Harry was somewhere around the house. I walked into the living room and he was fully dressed and ready to leave. It was currently 2:08. 

I sat next to Harry. "Hey babe." I said.

"Hey beautiful." He said.

"Im going to throw the clothes into the washer. Where are yours?" I asked.

"I put them in there already."

"Okay." I said while getting up. I put mine in there and started the machine. I sat down next to him again. "Where are the other boys?" I asked.

"Im not sure, I came here alone." He said.

"Hmm. When do you have to leave?" I asked scared of the answer.

"Do worry about that babe." He said and kissed my cheek. "I'm going to be here for a few days."

"Okay." An awkward silence fell between us. "What are you thinking about?"

"Nothing." Harry said.

"Are you okay, you're being quiet for yourself." I said.

"I'm just tired babe. Don't worry." He said.

"Then go to sleep." I said.

"Are you going to?" He asked me.

"Yeah. I'm tired." I said.

"Okay, then good night beautiful. I love you."

"Good night Haz. I love you too." He smiled and kissed me. We fell asleep sitting up and holding hands.

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