Don't Let Me Go- Harry Styles fanfic

A Harry Styles fanfic :)


6. 6

He stared at me, his mouth a bit open. I blushed a bit looking at the ground. He was breathtaking. He wore a solid black suit with a white shirt with a blue tie. He was holding a dozen of beautiful red and pink roses. He still had the look in his eye but it changed a little bit, into something I didn't know. Maybe nervous? 

"You are absolutely breathtaking." He whispered in my ear and he sightly kissed my cheek. 

"You are as well." I said and I quickly peeked his cheek. He smiled but his eyes didn't change. 

"Thank you." He smiled, I smiled back. "Oh yeah, these are for you." He said handing me the beautiful flowers.

"They are so beautiful. Thank you." I said.

"Youre welcome." He said and smiled as I filled a vase with water and put the flowers on the counter next to a picture of us. He held out his hand. "Are you ready to go?" He asked.

"Yeah, lets do this." I said grabbing his hand and walked out into a few papz. We ignored the yelling and flashes and got in the car.

We laughed and talked in the car, happily. After 30 minutes or so he pulled up to a restaurant with screaming fans and the papz. Harry signed a few things an took pictures. But not letting go of me. After a bit we went inside. 

"Mr.Styles? Hi, Im Alice, your server today." A beautiful girl said. She had really short brown hair and hazel eyes. 

"Hello." He smiled and we followed the girl. We sat at a nice table, no people in the window or anybody.

"So, what could I get you to drink tonight?" She asked us both.

"A Coke please." He said and she smiled.

She looked at me smiling, "A Rootbeer please." I said.

"Okay, I will be right back with those." She handed us each a menu and we decided what we wanted to eat.

*After eating*

We have been talking a bit about differen things. He pulled a small little black box out of his pocket and stood up in front of me, so did I. "After I landed in Paris a few weeks ago, I saw this and I thought of you." He said and handed me the box. I carefully opened it. A silver necklace with an effile tower charm shined brightly. I picked it up and I saw it had our anniversary engraved on it. I smiled.

"Thank you Haz, this is so beautiful." I said.

He smiled. "Anything for you babe." He slightly took the nnecklace out of m hamd and put it on me. I turned around and kissed him. "Also," he said, our foreheads leaning on each other. "Pack your bags love. We are going to Paris, then to England then Ireland." He said.

I smiled. "Really?" I asked.

"Yup. We leave in 2 days." He smiled.

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