Story of My Life

Jessica and Louis have known each other for a long time. What will happens when after Louis left because of Simon, Jessica wins a contest to hangout with Louis? What happens when they try to rebuild their friendship? What happens when another of 2 guys in Ons Direction become interested in her? Just read to know. Please or follow me. Both are cool. :) :)


2. Today

     "And that was One Direction's new single. They are going on tour and cokinnear here. Who wants tickets? Of course you all do. The 99th caller gets to hang out with the boys and front row seats." The radio guy said. I picked up my phone. It rang and rang. "Hello! You are the winner! What is your name?"

     "Hi! Im Jessica!" I said. I was stoaked.

    "Well hello Jessica! Who is your favorit from 1D?" He asked

    "Louis." I said easily.

     "Nice, the jokester of the band. How long have you been a fan?" 

    "I liked them all before they were a band." 

    "Nice. Alright I hope yu have fun. TThanks for listening!" He hung up and Justin Bieber came on. I was going to see Lou soon in only 3 days. Wow.

    Now, you might be wondering why a friend of Louis' have to win tickets to see him. Well, it began after One Direction started. Louis called me to tell me he was moving to New York with Simon Cowell whileh was on the phone. He toltold me about how Simin put him in a band with Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik. After signing the contract Simon said none of the boys can kep their old phone numbers, friends, social media or anything. Louis called me up in tears explaining eveything and how he was so sorry. That was almost 4 years ago. I smiled as I thought of him. He is so important to me. I cancant wait. 3 days. I hope he remembers me.

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