Story of My Life

Jessica and Louis have known each other for a long time. What will happens when after Louis left because of Simon, Jessica wins a contest to hangout with Louis? What happens when they try to rebuild their friendship? What happens when another of 2 guys in Ons Direction become interested in her? Just read to know. Please or follow me. Both are cool. :) :)




     "I can't wait for the audition tomorrow but I am so nervous! What is Simon humilates me in front of millions of people? Maybe I won't make it through. What of I mess up an line? Or fall? Maybe I might cough or sneeze? What if my voice is too high or low? What if I just screw up? This is my whole future that lies ahead of me." Louis said freaking out the night before his x-factor audition.

     "Louis. Your voice is amazing. You will make it through. If you didn't they don't know what talent is because you've got it." I said and his whole body language was calmer.

     "Thanks Jess. I knew I could count on you." I'll text you tomorrow. I have to go." Louis said cutely.

     "Alright go home and get some good sleep. Good luck."

     "Alright. Good night love." Louis said giving me a hug and leaving.


      "JESS! I MADE IT THROUGH!!!! THEY SAID YES!!!" Louis screamed into the phone.

     "See, I told you you would be great!" I told him happily. 



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