Torn Apart

A boy named Nathaniel, got his life turned upside down by a girl he was told he'd never meet. Abused by his father, Nate never thought he was good enough, thought he deserved what his father did to him because his father wouldn't do this to him if he didn't. Right? Wrong. In truth he was the best a person could be, loyal, trustworthy, and kind, no matter what happened to him. This girl, well, she saved him from his father, and from himself. Looks like miracles can happen after all.


1. Wake-up Call

       Nathanial's POV
       Don't get me wrong, I love my father but, he hasn't been the same since my mother died. Now that she's gone, he has been taking all his grief out on drinking alcohol and hitting and insulting me.   
     I'm laying there in my bed having the best dream imaginable, I am with a beautiful, auburn haired girl with green eyes. She is laying beside me in beautiful, peaceful, green and grassy meadow. We are holding hands and gazing into each others eyes...

My dream is interrupted by a loud boom, I open my eyes into a nightmare. Only, it's not a nightmare I can wakeup from, it is my life its self. The nightmare, was, my dad waking me up, after coming home to insult me and hit me. 
     My dad jerked me out of the bed and yelled right in my bruised face, "What are you doing in bed already!!?? You should be up cleaning this house and making me dinner, YOU NO GOOD WOLF!!!!" Those were the words that sting me the most and made me feel completely insucure about myself because my own father thinks I'm a 'NO GOOD WOLF WHO WILL PROBABLY NEVER GET A MATE' as my father drags me down to the basement to tie me against a pole and torture me,all I can think is that I probably deserve this or else my father wouldn't do this to right? I probably get this beating for being a bad wolf, a disgrace to the pack. The only other thing on my mind is my 17th birthday tomorrow. The day I first shift and find my mate if I have one. As my father slams me to the pole he smirks when his own son winces because he heart him. 
    After he ties me up against the usual pole, he punches me hard in the left jaw and I wince in pain and he punches me again, but this time in the nose. We could both hear the loud crack as it broke. 
  He threw his head back in laughter and said, "You are so weak boy, I didn't even hit ya that hard! Ha!" 
    He then punched me one more time straight in the for-head and then everything went black. I woke up with a pounding head ache and sprawled on the basement floor at 4:00a.m. My face is caked in blood from my broken nose. By now, I had taught myself how to reset a broken nose, from the many times before now my father has broken and rebroken it. So with shakey fingers, I reach up to my nose and with a swift jerk, my nose popped back into place. I stiffle a moan so I don't wake my father, and head upstairs to shower and to try and cover my wound the best I can before school. 

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