Torn Apart

A boy named Nathaniel, got his life turned upside down by a girl he was told he'd never meet. Abused by his father, Nate never thought he was good enough, thought he deserved what his father did to him because his father wouldn't do this to him if he didn't. Right? Wrong. In truth he was the best a person could be, loyal, trustworthy, and kind, no matter what happened to him. This girl, well, she saved him from his father, and from himself. Looks like miracles can happen after all.


2. Everything Changes

Nathaniel's P.O.V.
Hiding my wounds from my teachers and friends was always the hardest part. The ones I couldn't cover up with makeup I shouldn't have to use, I have to lie to everyone, saying that I bumped into something by accident. By now, everyone are giving me looks that say they don't believe me. I can't tell them the truth because my father will be taken away from me, he is all I have left. I have kept my hair longer, in hopes that I can use it to cover some bruises.

Today I am able to cover up most of the bruise on my for-head with my long, black bangs.  The bruise on my nose was barely noticeable, but noticable enough for me to have to cover it up. Once finished, I snuck down stairs earlier than I need to, in order to avoid my dad before school. I grab a breakfast bar and run out the front door as quietly and quickly as possible. I jumped in my car, started it and pulled it out of the driveway. Once I hit the road, I dive a little faster than the speed limit in order to get to the school parking lot in time to do the homework I was never able to do at home.

By the time I finished, they were starting to let people into the school. I breathed a sigh of relief, school was the one place I didn't have to be afraid, I loved it there. I got to see my best friends, who I know will always have my back, and today was even better because it was my 17th birthday.

The best day of my life. It is the day I get to change and maybe, just maybe, meet my mate for the first time. I don't even have to go home today because I am spending the night at my best friend, Josh's house after I change for the first time. This was truly going to be the best day, and for the first time in a while, I am genually smiling as I walk into school.
I am surprised to find that when I walk into school, Josh and Mike are already there. Josh and Mike are twins, but they couldn't look more different. While Josh has Blue eyes, long, black hair and a skinny frame, Mike is well built, with short, blond hair and Green eyes. They look completely different,  but they act exactly the same, and are my favorite people in the world.  

"Hey man, Happy Birthday." Josh says as I meet them.
"Yeah, Happy Birthday man" Mike adds.
"Thanks." I say sheepish. "How come you guys are here earlier than usual?"
"We couldn't miss another second of our little Natey's special day." Josh joked.

I glared at him and he laughed.
"Now it's time, for us, to play matchmaker." Mike said, evily tapping his fingers together.

I groan and am about to tell him no, when Josh interrupts by adding, "There is supposed to be a new girl starting today, maybe she's the one."
"I didn't hear anything about a new girl." I say confused.
"That's because it was supposed to be classified until the day of." Mike said still making the evil fingers.
"Then how did you find out?"
"I easdropped outside of the the office yesterday when I went to pick up my phone."
"God Mike, could you be anymore devious."
"Hey, in my defense, you would have done the same thing if you heard the words, 'New Student'."
"Ugh... I see your point."
"So any way," Josh said also sounding deveious, "The timing is just too right, she has to be the one."
"All we have to do is stand here in this doorway until she shows up. Then, shove Good ole Nattey toward his girl." Mike said, devising the plan.

"Ugh... there is no way I am getting our of this, is there?" I said, running a hand over my face, frustrated.  
"Nope." Josh replied, grinning.
I was looking away from the door, so I didn't see when a girl walked through the door.
Mike whispered, "There she is, turn around Nate, this is your chance."
I turned around and after stumbling for a bit, I was met with the most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen, my whole being lit up and my mind screamed MATE.

*Hi everyone, I finally updated! I am sorry for bad spelling mistakes and I don't know when I will update again, but anyway...Thank you for reading.*

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