Left In Pieces


3. What Just happen

Kayleigh POV



The bell rings 

I can't belive it it's finally the last day of school and I mean the end of the day I don't have to see all these people that I hate, Espically Jessica I'm also excited because I am going to Miami with my bff's and my family is coming and hopefully we can go see my dads grave. My dad died when I was only three years old. I miss the moments I could've had with my dad, My mom didn't want to burry him around where we live she felt like he need to be burryed where he was born. To think that I am from the same place as my father that I barley got to meet. I also have an older sister it has been a few years since I talked to her, We were never really close as little girls I felt like I couldn't tell my older sister anything cause she would run and go tell mom that I did this even if I begged her not to. That doesnt stop me from missing and loving my sister. Later that night I decied that I wanted to talk to my older sister that I haven't heard from in a year.


Alexis POV

I just got out of my last class I got invited to go to a party but I had a big exam to prepare for so now I have to focus on that...my phone started rining and it was a ringtone that I haven't heard in a while, It was my little sister kayleigh I can't remeber the last time I talked to her I Answered, 

Hello I hear from the other end

Hi I replied 

Is everything okay Kayleigh is mom okay are YOU okay I immediatly said

Everyone is fine Alex Kayleigh replied Just miss you 

She sounded really sad for a minute we never really got along so it was touching to hear that from her like she actually needed me.

I miss you too Kay I repiled with instance tears rolling down my eyes

Are you crying Alex She questioned 

Yeah, How did you know I questioned back

I am too she said 

I forced a little grin out to hear that she is okay and she's talking to me

Alex I got to go mom wants me Kayleigh said 

I love you Kay more then words can describe I replied 

I love you too Alex I love so much 

I could hear her sobbing

I can't wait to see you Alex Kayleigh finished her sentence with a finally goodbye.

I have never felt better you know what I might go to that party now I can always study other days I have a few weeks.....But boy was is nice to hear her voice ... Can't wait to go home.


Kayleigh's POV


I was so relived to hear my sister vocie by the end of our conversation I was sobbing It means alot to hear that my sister loves me alot. My mom had called me to talk to me.


KAY come here, my mom yelled

I immedealty hang up on Alex and ran downstairs 

Have a seat my mom said 

I gave her a questioned look 

Tears were rolling down my face....I couldn't belive it.



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