Left In Pieces


2. the Begging to it all

Kayleigh's POV

I'm running i'm out of breath I can't think straight, all I can think about is portecting myself from Him. My Mom come's in to wake me up for school but I woke myself up by screaming.

Are you okay? My mom questioned

Yeah I stuttered I'm fine mom I replied

Well get up you are going to be late for your last day of school.

Yeah Okay I will get up I replied

I got up and spents hours and on, on what I want to wear on my last day of school.Should I go comfortable of should I go elegant

I Finally decied that I would go with a casual look. I look down my phone and see that my best friends texted me.


Hayley: Hey guys

Sofia: Hiiii

Kayleigh: Wassup

Hayley: You guys ready to get this school year over with or what?

Sofia: Never been more ready for the last day of school of my life

Kayleigh: After what we all ben through this schol year I think that we are ready to get the school year over with...

Kayleigh: I'm gonna go get ready see you guys at school

Hayley: Talk to ya later

Sofia: Peace ✌❤

Then I decied to go and put on my dress, I went downstairs and put on my shoes and cereal I was hoping that Jessica roberts wasn't going  to be  there she always had something aganist me but I did nothing to her sometimes I thought she was just jealous because her boyfriend pefered me instead of her. I can totally understand why though, she was a complete brat. 

Sweet heart you have to go now My mom yelled

Ok mom I hollered back SEE YOU LATER.

I get in my white jeep and turn on the engine, My favortie song came on Stressed out by twenty one pilots I'm in love with them. I'm finally at the school everyone looks so chill even the teachers I would want to be chill of course of this school year it was pretty dramatic and I was the main focus of all of this drama. I have learn to forget all about it though all I am worried about now is my grades but it doesn't matter ebcause its the end of the school year !!!!!!

I got out of my jeep and realised I forgot everything in there.(when im jammin all my worries fade away) On that note i had to turn back around just to get pushed back into my jeep so I turned around and sung immediatly without any cares in the world. It happened to be exatcly who I9 wanted it to be. It was jessica so she got two of her girl, So I got two of mine, All I saw was blood running from jessica's nose. Her eyeballs went blood shot red, We saw a teacher walk past so now we have to end it before it even started. 

Gosh she is alway trying to mes with you for no reason Sofia said 

I know she is just jealous of you cause 

1. your prettier 

2. your clever

3. Your prettier

Hayley said

I know but it is the last day of school anything I replied 

Don't let her bother you we need to think about what we are going to do over summer Hayley said 

I don't know you guys my mom was going to make me go to camp I replied

Are we going to have to fight your mom so you don't go Sofia said


The bell rings


See you guys later I said

Bye Sofia and Hayley said in unison.


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