You're My Music


2. 2.

   I rushed into class and sat down.

 "What happened?" Aaron asked.

 "I just escaped death." I said.


 "Grace has a boyfriend. A really tall, buff, scary boyfriend." I said.


 At lunch, Grace walked up to me.

 "I never got a chance to tell you, but you're amazing at piano." She smiled.

 "Thank you. Would you maybe like to sit down?" I asked.

 "Sure." She smiled.

Aaron was sitting at the table too. We all talked for the whole lunch period.

 I stared at her for the last 5 minutes.

 "Bye guys." She laughed and stood up.

 I waved, with a dreamy look on my face.

 "You're funny, Jacob." She laughed and walked away.

 I held my hand out, a longing look on my face.

 "Don't go, beautiful angel." I said softly.

 Aaron looked at me.

 "You have it bad." He laughed and stood up.

 I put my tray up and went to my next class.

 I walked home and Grace ran up to me.

 "Hey, I was wondering if you and Aaron wanted to go bowling with John and me?"

 "Sure." I smiled.

 "Okay, it's at nine tonight." She smiled and walked away.

 Aaron rushed up to me.

 "What's up?"

 "Nothing, hey, can you go bowling tonight?"

 "Count me in. Meet me at my house." He said and went home.

 When we got to the bowling alley, we waited outside.

 "How did you convince your parents?" Aaron asked.

 "They think I'm asleep." I said and checked my watch.

 "Where are they? They said to wait out here..."

 "Do you think..."

 Aaron and I looked at each other.

 "Nah." We laughed.

 We saw John approach. He was holding a bat.

 "Hey idiots!" He shouted.

 "Oops." Aaron said, frozen in fear.

 Aaron and me got on our bikes and rode quickly away.

 "I can't believe Grace set us up." I sighed.

 "Hey, she's not worth your time if she wants someone to hit you with a bat."

 I looked at Aaron.

 "Are you trying to cheer me up or is all of this just common sense?" I asked.

 "Jacob, watch out."


 I collided with another bike.

 A girl was laying on the ground. I stood up and helped her up.

 "I'm so sorry-"

 "Watch where you're going, idiot." She growled and rode away.

 I sighed and got back on my bike.

 "Hey, I told you to watch out." Aaron said.

 I opened my window and crawled back in. I fell on the floor and my bedroom light turned on. My dad was standing by  the door, his hand near the light switch.

 I stared at him as my legs were on the wall and my back was on the floor.

 "Where did I go wrong with you?" He sighed angrily.

 "You made my entire life what YOU want. THAT'S where you went wrong." I growled and stood up.

 "Why can't you be like Carson?" He growled.

 "Dad, I know I'm not the perfect child. I know I don't stay on this thin road of a life you have planned for me. I'm sorry I'm such a disappointment to you, but I'm proud of myself, even if you can't be." I said.

 He shut the door.

 The next day at school, I stayed silent until lunch.

 "You haven't said a word all day, what's wrong?" Aaron asked.

 "My dad brought up Carson again. He's my 'perfect' brother that I'm always compared to. He moved out last year and he has this awesome career while I'm stuck, acting like a doormat." 

 I looked at my tray, pushed it away, and laid my head on the table.

 "Jacob, I know you probably won't believe this, but it'll all work out. Not by following everything everybody says, but by doing what your heart tells you."

 I looked at him.

 "You're a walking fortune cookie." I said.

 After school, I went back to the music room.

 The teacher handed me a song to play. I saw the girl I collided bikes with. After she was done, she walked over to me.

 "Hey, spaz." She laughed and punched my arm.

 She sat on a seat next to me.

 "I have a name." I said.

 "So do I. It's Cora."

  "My name is Jacob. What are you doing over here, anyways? I thought you hated me."

 "You looked sad. I don't hate you, I was just pissed." 

 "Yeah... I'm sorry about that." I sighed.

 "Everyone has bad days." She smiled.

 Her hair was dark and scars were peeking out from her sleeves. She was wearing a shark hoodie. She wore a snapback hat. She stared ahead at the stage with a gentle smile on her face. I could tell she was broken inside.

 "I have to go. Talk to you later, Spaz." She laughed jokingly and left.


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