Hero of the hunt

Percy Jackson is one of the Seven Heroes to march to Athens to save the Gods. But he risks his life for the others. Now he dies to protect Annabeth. And he will never come back, or does he. Pertemis story !!
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4. The Reveal

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After I was made immortal I couldn't be happier. I would work for the two things that mattered in the world. But someone was missing from Camp Half-Blood, the one person that helped me see things more clearly.

Percy Jackson. The person I looked up to from when I was first arrived at this camp. The person that promised me he would protect my sister. The person that helped me realize that he was not the one who I should have been angry at.. The person that believed in me. The person I loved more than just friend. And now in the throne room I saw the person that he loved become devastated and I couldn't do anything about it. I knew Annabeth and I was waiting for her to snap.

It happened the moment she was called forward.

I knew how she felt. I had felt it too. I knew she thought that he should be in her place. And I also knew that she would want to see him and tell him that she was sorry. Even though everyone thought that I couldn't understand love and loss, since I could always see ghosts in the Underworld they were wrong. I have felt both of them, and the worst part was that Percy would never return my love for him. But I was over that. I did not hate or envy Annabeth anymore for winning over Percy. I was happy for them. Just like now I was grieving for Percy and I was worrying about Annabeth. But I also wanted to help Annabeth get over her grief, just like Percy did with me. I owed him that much, and so much more. When Annabeth left no one seemed to be stunned by her action. Every being in the throne room understood her simply because we all had been grieving for the Hero of Olympus. The greatest hero ever lived. But everyone did it with his own way. And Annabeth was quite quiet.

After she Iris Messaged me, I shadow traveled to her location. Her eyes were rimmed with red with tears. I came close to her and held her tightly, the only way to tell her that I knew how she felt. But I should have known something was odd. But I figured it out too late. How did she knew what did the ghosts wanted? And by the time I made the connection to my mind, the world had gone black.

The moment I was conscious again I looked around to see something that hit me like a wall. I couldn't breathe.

Annabeth had disappeared and the unconscious body of Percy Jackson was right in front of me. I held my breath because the exchange did not always work and when he stirred I was crying not only from happiness but from sadness because Annabeth was gone and I was the only one to blame.

Then two familiar green eyes stared into mine.


After I opened my eyes and focused on my surroundings, I saw Nico with tears in his eyes. But everything was blank, too blank. Was I still on Acropolis and had been given the Physician's cure? But why did I remember as I went through the underworld policy. That must have taken some time. What else happened?

Panicked, I glanced around and realized I was lying in a forest.

'Nico, what happened? Where are we? Where are the others?'

'Percy, I'm so happy to see you alive' he answered as hugged me.

'Nico, please, just answer the question.. What in the Hades happened?'

'Look Percy, it is better if you were brought in to the council. I think you might be expected.' Nico told me before we shadow traveled.

As we appeared before the council, the argument that was happening halted as they saw us. My father came to me and hugged me so tightly I had difficulty breathing, as though he wanted to be assured that I was real. After he sat, Zeus turned to Hades.

'So, brother. What now?'

'I am sorry, but can you fill me to the things that happened? I was dead and I kind of missed it all.' I said interrupting the Lord of the skies and getting glared murderously.

'So be it, Poseidon, can you explain this to your spawn?' said Zeus as if he was ready to zap me to ashes.

'Of course brother, but may I do it private?'

That exact moment I understood that something was very wrong.

'So be it' said Zeus as he slammed his master bolt onto the ground making the entire council and Nico disappear.

'Percy, I am so glad you are alive but I must tell you what happened and I want you to stay strong.' Said my father as he put his hand on my shoulder to show support.

'After you were stuck with the spear, you blood was split Gaea was awakened. But you friends, in your name, charged at the giants with all of us at their side. The fights were very difficult and while most of the giants fell some were harder to defeat.

At some point, I was battling with Polybotes and I saw Annabeth coming to my aid. She tried to get behind the giant to surprise him. But the giant grabbed her, giving me a chance give him a deadly wound. Annabeth gave the final blow by throwing her dagger.'

'Good I always hated Polybotes, so what about Gaea?' I asked , wanting to get it over with so that I could go to my girlfriend. Yes, I knew something was wrong, but I thought that if it was about Annabeth I would have been told immediately.

'Son, as I told you, the giant was holding her. And before he died, he…' My father paused and a sick feeling tugged at my gut. "I'm sorry, Percy," he said.

The moment I lost the ground under my shoes. I had lost my connection to the world. Annabeth was dead. A sob came to my throat but then I remembered that all of my friends had promised me that if it was their choice for saving one of us they wouldn't save me. But again I was alive. 'Father please tell me. Please, what happened?' I shouted at him.

'Polybotes threw her to the ground killing her instantly, but after the defeat of Gaea, she was revived with the Physician cure.'

'So' I started calming down a bit. 'She is ok? She is alive? Where is she'?

'And that the worst part. I could not imagine that we would ever come to this point, but she exchanged her soul for yours.' My father told me as he looked down to his feet.

'No, it can't be. Annabeth, why would you ever do anything like that?' I breathed. My knees buckled. "It's not true," I said, voice breaking. "She's too smart to do that, she's too logical-" A sob tore from my throat as my father held me tightly while I was breaking down. She was alive and gave her life for me. I loved her with all my heart and I'd given up my life for her. And now it was her turn to give me the ability to live once more. But even though it pained me to live without her, I was grateful that she gave me a chance to make everyone remember her as one of the greatest heroes ever lived.

After some time I pulled myself together and faced my father.

'Thank you for being here for me father.'

'I will always be here for you my son. As will she. And remember. We love you.'

'I know, I love you too. 'I said hugging him one more time.' 'But what happened with Gaea and the camps?'

'Well with the team effort of Jason, Piper, Leo and Festus who was rebuilt under the deck of Argo II, the earth will no longer be able to create any more problems. As for the camps, after the statue of Athena Parthenos was brought by Reyna and Nico, the two armies united against the enemy and were victorious. Now that we are done, there are some things to be done' said my father. And for his point to be proven all the gods flashed in the room.

After I bowed to Zeus I turned to Athena.

'Milady, I want to tell you that I really loved your daughter and what she done will never be forgotten. I am sorry that she chose my life over hers.'

Then she did something that I did not see it coming. She hugged me and cried on my shoulder. 'My daughter loved her with all her heart and that's why she gave you a last chance. Thank you for your words' she whispered before stepping back.

'I am sure she will be in Elysium by now, won't she?' she said glaring at hades.

'Of course. She deserves it.' The god of the underworld replied.

'Now, brother, if you may' said Zeus to Poseidon gesturing to his throne.

'I think the heroes deserve to truth. Percy please go behind your father throne while we prepare them. Let them come in' said the king of the gods while the doors opened.

I heard footsteps as the heroes of Olympus approached.

'What happened? Why we are here and where is Annabeth?' asked Jason as I recognized his voice.

'I will let Hades explain.' Answered Jupiter.

'Did something happen to Annabeth?' I heard a voice asked as I recognized Piper.

'Well, after she left from Olympus she went somewhere alone and she kind of found a way to bring Percy back' Hades declared and waited for the reaction of the heroes.

'What? Percy is alive?' Jason choked.

'Where are they?' Piper shouted, excited. It tore at me to know that her hope would be crushed.

I heard other happy voices but I could not understand them. And then Nico shouted.

'Guys, do not get excited. There is always a catch.' As he knew what Annabeth had done.

'What do you mean? Are they ok? 'I heard the girls to ask.

That moment I heard my father whisper, 'Appear son and explain.'

'She exchanged her soul for mine' I told them, blinking back tears as I stepped into the room..

As the heroes saw me, they came and hugged me, whispering words of encouragement to my ear.

'She loved you truly,' I heard Piper murmur. 'She will always be remembered,' said Jason.

But, someone was missing and as I turned I saw Nico just standing there with tears in his eyes. I stepped towards him.

'I know you helped her. It's not your fault. You just wanted to relieve her from pain.' I said to him.

'Why? Why are you so loyal and why don't you hate me? I took the love of your life from you. I didn't do anything to stop her.' He asked me.

'Because I know you, I believe you and I know you did what you thought was right.' I told him reassuringly.

'Heroes, we have one more matter to solve.' Said Zeus as we focused on him.

'Perseus Jackson, my son. You are offered for the second time the gift of immortality.' Said my father.

'As you know I will decline but I have some wishes,' I said. The gods looked like they had been expecting this.'Firstly , in memory of Annabeth I want her laptop to be retrieved and the plans to be used to build a Pantheon on camp half-blood and something like a city inside it, just like New Rome, so that demigods can have a fairly normal and quiet life.'

'As you wish my son. Anything else you want to ask? Or is there anyone that thinks that this hero does not deserve a second wish.' My father asked, challenging the other gods to oppose him.

'I want Lord Hades and Lady Hestia to become Olympian once more and get a throne here.' I announced as I waited for the reaction of the gods.

The answer came as a clap from Zeus and two new thrones were added.

'Perseus Jackson, for returning my throne, I will grant you the ability to enter the underworld, shadow travel and use Stygian Iron weapons' said Hades as he started chanting in Ancient Greek.

'Thank you, my lord," I said, bowing. Hades merely nodded, but the corners of his lips crept up.

'I want to also reward you Percy. From now on you will have the ability to produce homemade food and when you want to, you will be able to transport yourself and other to where your home is, Olympus.' And she started to chant also.

"Thank you, Lady Hestia," I bowed to her, and she smiled warmly at me

'Now that we finished with all your blessings,-'started Zeus only to be interrupted.

'Sorry Lord Zeus, I want to say something to my father' asked Leo backstepping as if he was afraid to be blasted into pieces.

'You are allowed. Council dismissed.'

As I started walking of the Throne room with my friends, except Leo, I learned of all the gifts that were granted. I was happy for all of them, even for Calypso.

'Perseus, may I have a moment of your time?' I heard a voice and I turned to see the blacksmith of Olympus and Leo.

'Of course my lord.' I said as my friends kept walking.

'My boy had this idea for an upgrade of your weapon and now that can be done. May I have Riptide?' he asked so I gave it to him and he flashed away to his forge.

After a minute or so he had returned and was holding a familiar pen. But, now the color of the pen was no longer sea blue, but it also had some black carvings.

As I took it and uncapped, the familiar Celestial Bronze blade was replaced by a two metal blade, half stygian iron and half Celestial Bronze, giving it a more dark and powerful look.

'Lord Hephaestus, I don't know what to say. Thank you so much.'

'It is the least I could do for such a great hero. Wield it with honor,' he said flashing away.

'Percy come, we have to go to the camp' I heard my friends shouting before I put the pen into my pocket.

I intended to stop and see my mother before going to camp.. But, I should have known better before making plans.

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