Hero of the hunt

Percy Jackson is one of the Seven Heroes to march to Athens to save the Gods. But he risks his life for the others. Now he dies to protect Annabeth. And he will never come back, or does he. Pertemis story !!
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3. The return?

Hello guys!!! First of all I want to thank you all of you for the views, the reviews.

Really, it is very good for me to return from a difficult day and see your reaction to a story of mine!

In this chapter I think there might going to be some reactions, but let’s hope for the best!

Since this story is Pertemis, somehow the whole Percanabeth thing must be destroyed. I have read a lot of stories and I have something in mind that is somehow different, if I may, from what I have read, without saying mine version is better or anything. Really I could never reach some guys here!!! Not by close. But I try!

Anyway, again, I do not own anything!




 As I heard the plan Jason came up with I could not remember the moment Percy defeated Antaeus using pretty much the same technic. He, he did it. I whisper his name and his feats while I started crying again. I could not live without him. But I was glad that Hazel and Piper where beside me for that moment.

While I was trying to get over the crying thing and trying to concentrate to the room I heard Zeus say something about rewards? The only thing I ever wanted was to live with Percy my entire life happy. Or… he lived instead of me.

‘Reyna Ramirez-Arellano, daughter of Bellona and Praetor of Roma, come forward.’ Said my mother as she changed to her roman aspect, Minerva.

‘For you duty for Olympus you may chose immortality as long as you serve Captain Jupiter’ she continued as the other gods nodded in agreement.

‘I accept ‘Reyna answered as she bowed and was surrounded by a light.

‘Nico di Angelo, my own son’ said Hades and his son after bowing to Zeus he bowed to his father.

‘You may also become an immortal as long as you help not only with Camp Half Blood but also with the underworld.

‘I accept father’ he said.

‘Leo Valdez, my son’ said the blacksmith of Olympus. ‘You are too granted immortality with a position beside me.’

‘I am sorry father but I have to decline. I have sort of promised Calypso to open our shop, so want you to allow me free her from Ogygia.’ Leo said while turning red. It would be actually cute if it had not reminded me of my unfulfilled love.

‘All in agreement?’ said Zeus as every one of the council members raised their hand.

‘So, Leo I will let it up to you to find a way there’ said Hephaestus.

‘Frank Zhank’ declared Mars, since he had already changed aspect.

‘Will you accept Godhood?’

‘No, father. But I have another request. I want the curse of Hazel on the riches she creates to be lifted.’

‘As you wish, boy’ said Mars looking straight to Hades, who turned to Pluto.

As he said that Hazel run to him and hugged him while dropping tears of happiness.

‘Hazel Lévesque’, said Pluto. ‘You are also granted the gift of –‘

‘I am sorry father but my wish is that Frank is lifted from his curse also.’ said Hazel turning towards her boyfriend who was the one now to be stunned. ‘Oh Hazel, I love you’ he said holding her.

‘Piper McLean, my daughter, will you accept immortality?’ said Aphrodite, looking at her daughter.

‘I am sorry mother but my wish is different. And you must promise by the rivers name to accept it.’ Said Piper, using a little charm speak without even recognizing it.

‘If I can, so go on.’ Said the goddess a little angry. ‘I swear in river Styx that I will follow my daughter’s wish.’

‘So, mother, you may not involve anymore to the love life of any of us’ said Piper looking straight to her mother, as she was challenging to try something.’

‘Pf, so be it’ Aphrodite answered as she sit back her throne with boredom drawn in her face now that she could not mess with any of us anymore.

‘Jason Grace, my son’ said Zeus as he was turning into Jupiter.

‘You can choose to be a god if you wish’ said the lord of universe.

‘Thank you father, but I had promised Kymopoleia for recognition to her and all other Gods that are forgotten from demigods, and so I want some help to build somethings like a Pantheon to the two camps.’

‘So be it. You will have the full support from the council.’

‘Annabeth Chase, my daughter.’ Said Athena.

I had to approach but I just could not. No, this wasn’t right. It should have been him that was right here. He, Percy, he had to be rewarded. I just could not be here. So I did the only thing I could. I run. It was the first time of my life that I run that fast. Right now I just could not deal with all these things. I had to be alone. I thought I could but I was wrong. And it was my fault that he dies so I had to punish myself. If I was more fast or better either I would see the attack or I would not die so that I would make the others give the physician cure to me. With all these thoughts I did not realize that I was downtown Manhattan. But right now I had to leave. I threw a drachma on the road as the Gray sisters taxi came.

‘As far as you can’ I simply told them as I grabbed my head in my arms and continue crying. After a moment a felt to stop and as I saw around we were in the middle of the forest. As I was ready to leave I heard one of the sisters say ‘the answer is in the past’. I could now understand what that was all about and I was ready to ask before the taxi vanishes.

The answer to what? I thought. The only problem was that Percy was not around. So, how could I change the situation? I had to bring him back. But how? And then it hit me. Percy had told me the story with Nico and Bianca. A soul for a soul. But how could I make it work. Percy had told me that only I kid from the underworld can make souls appear. But first I had to prepare myself with things I needs.

After buying a lot of Mc Donald hamburgers and coca colas I iris messaged Nico and told him that I wanted to see Percy one more time. By the time the whole process began I just hit him in the head with the shovel we used.

‘I am sorry Nico but I had to do it.’ I whispered before I asked to see Daedalus first, so that I learned exactly how to procced.

‘Annabeth. I am so sorry. I saw Percy in the trial. One of the best men ever lived’ Daedalus said being polite.

After the explanation and promising of my help in the underworld he told me what had to be done.




 The moment the spear hit me in the chest I knew I was dead. At least I had died trying to save my friends and Annabeth. After a while I appeared before Charon.

‘Percy Jackson came to visit again the Underworld?’ said the ferryman of Hades.

‘Actually, I managed and died’ I simply said.

‘Oh, I am sorry. At least you have a free spot on the boat, for the raise I got. It is the least I can do’

‘Very well, eternity waits’ I said miserable, as I was already thinking of Annabeth.

After the travel and the judgment which was finished quite quickly I went to the Elysium.

As I started to walk thought the beautiful garden and all, suddenly it all went dark.

When I regained consciousness I wasn’t in Elysium as before. I was lying on the ground with Nico looking at me with tears in his eyes.



So, this is it guys! Again I thank you for your support and I hope this chapter did not let you down. Please tell me about you thoughts, likes, dislikes and suggestions. Anyway, sorry for the cliffhanger, sometimes get a little bad, but in the next chapter we are going to see the return of Percy and all things to come from it. See you!

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