And Forget About The Stupid Little Things- 5 Seconds of Summer fanfic

Bella and Luke broke up years ago. Then one day Luke brings his bandmates, Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood and Michael Clifford to an icecream palor. Luke hopes he will see her there or at the park across the street. But what happens when they get there and Luke sees what he sees?


6. ;(

My heart sank. Calum... Might... Not... Make... It. My brother, might die. A felt tears quickly fall from my eyes. "Can I see Calum?" I asked.

"Hold on." The doctor said. He typed some words on his computer. "He is still in surgery. Ashton and Michael are ready to be seen. Room 378C." He said.

"Okay, thank you." Bella said.

"I hope the best for you both." He said.

"Thank you." Bella said. "Have a nice day." 

"You too." The doctor said.

We walked out of the office and I broke down. Bella started rubbing my back. "Shh. Luke, it will be okay." She told me.


"If anything happens to Calum its part of a plan. Do I want anything worse to happen? Absolutely not, Cal is awesome." She said and lead me to a bench out back. After a few more minutes I calmed down. "Do you want to see Ash and Mikey?" 

"Yeah." I said.

"Okay, come on." She was still holding my hand. Her hand was so warm and soft it calmed me down a bit. We went on an evevator and stood outside their door. We quietly walked in.  

I looked at everything. Ashton's arm was bandaged pretty well and he was hooked up to a few machines. Michael had a bandage on his head, a cast on his right hand, left wrist and left leg. He had stitches everywhere and hooked uonto a few machines. I couldn't believe this happened. I sat down on a chair between them. 

Bella and I didn't say anything. She brought a chair to sit next to me and kept rubbing circles on my hand. Michael started moving a bit and mumbling thins I couldn't understand. After a few minutes he said 'oww' and slowly opened his eyes. "Hey guys." He said looking at us. The doctors obviously put him in some medications.

"Hi Michael." I said back to him.

"Hey." Bella said.

"What happened?" He asked. 

"Nobody knows for sure yet. We know some people did this to you. That's it. Police are at the house looking for evidence." I told him.

"Okay... You look familiar." Michael told Bella.

"Shes the girl from those pictures." I said. She blushed and looked down.

"Oh... Well you're really pretty." Michael said.

"Thank you." She said adorably. 

Michael started falling back asleep. A doctor came in and held up 3 fingers. 

I quickly wrote a note to Ash saying: Hey Ash! I was going to be here when you woke up but the doctors said I have to go. I also brought that girl from the pictures, yeah that beautiful one. I'm going to come by soon again. I hope you feel better. Love you bro. -Luke the penguin" I put it by his bed side and we left. The boys needed a lot of sleep to heal and when any of the boys have updates they are going to call me. 

We drove back to my house. 


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