And Forget About The Stupid Little Things- 5 Seconds of Summer fanfic

Bella and Luke broke up years ago. Then one day Luke brings his bandmates, Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood and Michael Clifford to an icecream palor. Luke hopes he will see her there or at the park across the street. But what happens when they get there and Luke sees what he sees?


1. Goodnight

     "Good night Sydney and drive home safe everybody!" I said into the mic after another show. We all ran off stage sweaty and hot. Bro-fists went all around. "Hey guys, there is this place I want to go to. Its an icecream place and park. Who is up for it?" I asked.

     "Ice cream place at a park? Okay." Cal said. 

    "Why not?" Ash asked.

    "ICECREAM!!!" Michael yelled and ran into our car. "Shotgun!" We all piled in laughing hard. I was driving and I drove back to the place where me and Bella shared and the line 'back to the place only you and I shared' was nonstop in my head. I finally piled into the little icecream palor. It was closing soon. We all got out and went inside.

    "Hello, how may I he- Luke?" She said shoked.

    I wasnt sure what to say.


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