And Forget About The Stupid Little Things- 5 Seconds of Summer fanfic

Bella and Luke broke up years ago. Then one day Luke brings his bandmates, Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood and Michael Clifford to an icecream palor. Luke hopes he will see her there or at the park across the street. But what happens when they get there and Luke sees what he sees?


4. Chapter #4

     "How long are you in town for?" She asked. She closed down the store because it was late and drew the blinds. The boys left to go somewhere. We sat at a table eating icecream.

     "6 months. For 4 months its shows and the others are breaks. Maybe I can annoy you." I said with a wink.

     "I wouldnt mind it a bit." She told me. Maybe just maybe I can get her back.

     "You will be sorry." I warned her.

     "No I won't. I will be happy I get to have you in my life again for a bit." She smiled a bit. 

     "You too." I smiled at her. There was comfortable silence.

     "I like the piercing Hemmings." She told me. My stomach did a flip when she called me 'Hemmings' because she called me that when we were dating.

     "Thanks Jones." I winked and we laughed.

     "So its your first tour but for the past two years you toured with One Direction. Is that correct?" She said.

     "Yup. Stalk us much?" He laughed.

     "No, my friend does. Her name is Taylor she claims she will marry you or Harry or possibly Liam one day." She denied.

     "Does she know about us?" I asked with a raised eyebrow.

     "Nope, nobody knows from me." 

     "Wow. Way to disown me." I laughed.

     "Yeah because I disown people." We laughed.

     "I know you don't." I told her. I looked at my watch. Its been 5 hours since I got here. "Hey I have to go. Can I have your number?" I asked her.

     "Yeah." She looked at the time. "Dang." She said.

     "What are you doing tomorrow?" In asked hoping she was not busy.

      "Nothing. I don't have anything so probably random crap." 

     "I'm doing nothing but a show tomorrow night. Wanna hang out more, meet the boys?" I asked.

     "Yeah, that would be great. What time?" 

     I thought about it. "Just text me when you wanna. Let me go get my phone." I walked outside to where the car was parked but it was moved. I went back inside. "The boys are idiots. Uh... Can I have a ride home?" I asked like a little kid. 

     "Yeah. Let's go!" Unwatched her closed down the store and we left. The drive was only 30 minutes we talked and sang. Her voice got way better when I was gone. "Hey want to come inside for a bit?" 

     "Sure." She smiled. We got out of my Honda civic and went inside. I was locking the door. "Call the ambulance and police." She said her voice shaking.

     "Wh- what happened?" I cried as I dialed the numbers from the house phone.

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